[HanCinema's News] "Taxi Driver" Tops List of Most Streamed Wavve Programs

For the fifth straight week, "Taxi Driver" leads all other programs on the wavve streaming charts. The action thriller drama has held this position ever since it took over the timeslot which "The Penthouse 2" had previously held. Additionally, wavve claims that "Taxi Driver" is quite close to the record previously set by "The Penthouse 2" for objectively longest streaming time. Four episodes yet remain for "Taxi Driver" to overcome its predecessor via this metric.


"Sell Your Haunted House" was in second place. "Bossam: Steal the Fate" has had the more dramatic arc, however, arriving in third place following a fifth place finish the previous week and a tenth place finish two weeks ago. "Bossam: Steal the Fate" has faced an uphill battle as a traditional historical drama airing on a cable news network. But its rating have doubled from 3.1% in its first week to 6.5% in its most recent episode, mirroring the wavve charts in its acquisition of an audience.

The evening soap opera "Miss Monte-Cristo" continues its solid performance on the wavve charts in fourth place. The weekend family drama "Revolutionary Sisters" followed in fifth place. "Youth of May" was sixth place, a continued underperformance a drama airing in a more popularized weekday evening slot. The evening soap opera "A Good Supper" was seventh place. "Oh My Ladylord" was eighth place in its final week, this wavve chart's scope being defined as the third week of May.

Written by William Schwartz