[HanCinema's News] "The Box" Opens in First Place at the South Korean Box Office

Despite anemic rankings on movie reservation sites, "The Box" surged to the front of the South Korean box office on March 24th, scoring over thirty thousand admissions in its first day of theatrical availability. The low reservation rating was in part due to how "The Box" had not been allocated very many screens by movie theaters. However, where it was screened, "The Box" had an occupancy rate of 24.7%. This is remarkably high for the COVID-19 depressed South Korean film market.


This marks the first time a South Korean film has led at the South Korean box office since February 28th, when "Mission: Possible" was the leading film. The success of "The Box" is believed to be centered around the fandom of "Chanyeol" of EXO, who has his first starring role in the musical road trip film. However, "The Box" will face stiffer competition over the weekend, as Godzilla Vs. Kong premiered the day after on March 25th and also took the lead in its opening day.

Written by William Schwartz