[HanCinema's News] "The Divine Fury" Released on South Korean VOD Services

On August 27th Lotte Entertainment released "The Divine Fury" on to domestic South Korean streaming services. IPTV, Digital Cable TV, Google Play, Naver, Kakao, TVING, pooq, and other digital services now offer the movie for paid viewing.


"The Divine Fury" is not quite out of theaters just yet, but its performance was below expectations, having only managed to amass some 1.6 million admissions since July 31st. The movie, starring Park Seo-joon and Ahn Sung-ki in the leading roles, may have better luck in secondary markets due to its awkward status as a genre mishmash of action, horror, and aggressive special effects.

Written by William Schwartz


"The Divine Fury" is directed by Kim Joo-hwan, and features Park Seo-joon, Ahn Sung-ki, Woo Do-hwan, Park Ji-hyun, Jung Ji-hoon, Lee Seung-hee-II. Release date in Korea: 2019/07/31.