[HanCinema's News] Top 10 Korean Actors Who Can Pull Off The Horror Genre

Horror is one of the hardest genres to pull off and actors, especially new ones, often tend to stay away from this genre because it has the capacity to drastically alter one's public image, especially since it is moulded heavily by one's appearance on screen. However, some certain actors gravitate towards horror because of the intensity of the genre and the increased scope to show off their acting prowess. Here are our picks for the top 10 actors who can pull off horror like nobody's business.


Gong Yoo

One of the first films that turns a non-fan into a die-hard fan of Korean entertainment is always, without a doubt, "Train to Busan". This film is the perfection of the zombie sub-genre and Gong Yoo does his part brilliantly as he undergoes a personal transformation under the pressures of a zombie apocalypse. Not only is this a must-watch because of the storyline but also because of Gong Yoo himself.

Lee Dong-wook

Lee Dong-wook is known primarily for being a romantic heartthrob from dramas such as "Goblin", "Touch Your Heart" and more. However, he turned heads worldwide when he appeared as a formidable villain in the webtoon adaptation of "Strangers from Hell". Nothing could have prepared fans to see him in that light but it raised the respect for him as an artist manifold.

Lee Do-hyun

Lee Do-hyun has been an actor for quite a while now, having taken on smaller supporting roles before getting his big break as a leading actor in "18 Again". One would think that he would opt for conventionally attractive and simpler roles so as to maintain his popularity but for Lee Do-hyun, he has always prioritised the quality of a work and the intricacies of a character beyond anything else. Naturally therefore, it wasn't surprising but pleasant to see him take on another conventional role in the horror K-Drama "Sweet Home".

Song Kang

The case of Song Kang is quite similar to Lee Do-hyun's. After achieving massive success with "Love Alarm", Song Kang did not sit around to be offered to play another lover boy but rather took on the rather complex character of Hyeon-soo in "Sweet Home". Expectations are high for Song Kang's next project, the drama "Nevertheless".

Song Kang-ho

One of the best actors in the Korean arts industry. Song Kang-ho is simply incomparable. There is no beginning and no end to the level of appreciation that could ever be enough for the actor. He's clearly an expert at what he does and as such, it is no surprise that he is a master of horror. As a matter of fact, Song Kang-ho can portray any and all emotions artfully and horror is just one of them.

Bae Doona

Another one of the most skillful actors in the industry, Bae Doona is truly an artist in every sense of the word. From thrillers to mystery, romance to crime, Bae Doona can do it all. As such, it is not surprising that she can also pull off horror perfectly.

Jun Jong-seo

The entry of this actress on the list requires absolutely no explanation whatsoever because anyone who has seen any of Jun Jong-seo's work knows exactly why she's here. She is precisely brilliance personified, especially when it comes to playing some of the most difficult characters in all of film and television history. Horror is a piece of cake for Jun Jong-seo. We highly recommend her movie "The Call" if you want to see her in action.

Shin Ha-kyun

An experienced actor in all forms of media, Shin Ha-kyun knows how to evoke the strangest of feelings, goosebumps and more! There's a reason why he's highly revered in the industry and we were reminded once more of the same with his latest drama, JTBC's "Beyond Evil".

Kim Da-mi

The bubbly and determined, albeit slightly sociopathic young boss from "Itaewon Class", Jo Yi-seo earned actress Kim Da-mi worldwide fame. However, her big break came with her terrific and frightening portrayal of Young Ja-yoon in "The Witch : Part 1. The Subversion". We can't wait to see her take on horror once again in "The Witch : Part 2. The Other One".

Kim Myung-min

Finally, this list would not be complete without the actor who was very much responsible for pioneering the Korean film scene and is once again, taking on the entertainment industry by storm, Kim Myung-min. There can be no words that are enough to compliment Kim Myung-min's immeasurable talent. Having led one of the best Korean horror films of all time, "Sorum", the actor is once again delivering a hair-raising performance in "Law School". Without a doubt, Kim Myung-min rules horror.

By Ishani Sarkar