[HanCinema's News] Yunho Unknown to Be Victim Or Perpetrator of Gaslighting

Among the many accusations leveled against Seo Ye-ji over the past week, the claim that she had a romantic relationship with her "The Night Watchman's Journal" co-star Yunho and that the two united to make staff for that drama miserable would seem to be one of the more explosive ones. Yet Yunho's agency has been quiet on the matter, with most publications ignoring the story following its initial release. Ultimately, ambiguity regarding Yunho's actual culpability has put the story on the backburner.


Part of this is due to the seeming similarity between Yunho's behavior on the set of "The Night Watchman's Journal" and Kim Jung-hyun's behavior on "Time - Drama" in 2018. In both cases, the actors became hostile to the idea of being touched. But where Kim Jung-hyun only expressed this annoyance regarding co-stars, Yunho expressed it to the makeup crew. This made it quite difficult for them to do their job.

The implied motive in both cases was Seo Ye-ji's jealousy, which she has denied with Kim Jung-hyun and not addressed with Yunho which in part explains the latter's silence. There is no need for him to explain or justify his actions if Seo Ye-ji is also not addressing them. Additionally, no concrete proof has been offered that Seo Ye-ji and Yunho were ever in a relationship, let alone abused staff. With Kim Jung-hyun, there were texts and both actors acknowledged the secret relationship.

The final reason why this apparent scandal hasn't been more of an issue for Yunho is that he simply isn't in the right media sphere for it to matter to his career right now. Yunho's last acting project was "Melo Holic" back in 2017. Since then he has focused on his musical career. While drama fans and K-pop fans have some overlap, a complete absence of any improper behavior from Yunho in the better known part of his fandom makes it more difficult to maintain outrage against him.

Written by William Schwartz