[HanCinema's Photo Diaries] 10 Korean Movie Barcodes!

What happens when you compress a Korean film into a single image? Here are 10 beautiful and interesting results.

 "Pink" (2011) – Jeon Soo-il

"The Front Line" (2011) – Jang Hoon

"Foxy Festival" (2010) – Lee Hae-yeong

"Always" (2011) – Song Il-gon

"Nameless Gangster" (2011) – Yoon Jong-bin

"Pieta" (2012) – Kim Ki-duk

"Two Moons" (2012) – Kim Dong-bin

"Miracle in Cell No.7" (2013) – Lee Hwan-gyeong

"Penny Pinchers" (2011) – Kim Jeong-hwan-III

"The Day He Arrives" (2011) – Hong Sang-soo


Would you like to see more K-MovieBarcodes? Share what you think of them in the comment section below, and be sure to mention what K-film you would like to see converted into a DigitalBarcode!


 - C.J.Wheeler (@KoreaOnTheCouch)