Hottest Music of 2008 rush

On last Saturday of October, the hottest music of 2008 will be in downtown. There will be a chance that you can enjoy the color of underground punk band which has strong sound with characteristic music.

It's 'Hello Rookie' which is an underground punk festa 2008 which will be held in Melon AX in Gwangjang-dong of Seoul at 5:00 pm on 29th.

This stage is for selecting the best rookie of 2008 in 'Hello Rookie' which is the gateway to succeed by EBS Space Sympathy. It is a part of 'Excavation of Great Punk Music Band and Performance Support Business' which has been managed by Korea Culture & Contents Agency and EBSiYescom by joint production.

The show will be progressed by Cha Seung-woo, the leader of 'Moonshiners' and a model Jang Yeon-Joo, a new musician. The celebrating show will be made by Kim Chang Wan Band and My Sister's Barber Shop.

The Source : Koreacontent News Team