[In-depth] Chungmuro is reassured, the state of active male stars in their 20s and 30s

The year 2015 is proud to say it created two 10 million hit movies; "The Assassination" and "Veteran". The performances of actors in their 20s and 30s stood out and they moved not only the female crowd but the male crowd as well and it is a big development for Korean movies. We take a look at who stood out this year and who we look forward to next.


- Lee Min-ho's first successful screen debut with "Gangnam Blues"

The first action drama of the year was "Gangnam Blues" which is the third sequel to producer Yoo Ha's series of manly movies since "Once Upon A Time In Highschool" and "A Dirty Carnival". Lee Min-ho was next in line to kwon Sang-woo, Jo In-sung and Song Kang-ho.

Lee Min-ho debuted with "Boys over Flowers" and has done nothing but dramas for the past 6 years. Then he starred in Yoo Ha's movie and expressed well, the knife grinding emotions of a man. He then continued to star in a Korean-Chinese-Hong Kong movie called "Bounty Hunter" which is due next year.

Lee Min-ho won the Rookie Actor Award at the 52nd Daejong International Movie Festival. He said, "I have so much love, more than I deserve" and "I felt the public's love and support for movie makers. I have a long way to go but I want to do my best to be a part of Korean movies".

- Lee Kwang-soo, a different approach in a fish mask

Lee Kwang-soo who is called 'the betrayer' and 'giraffe' in the TV show "Running Man", chose a new path this year. It wasn't an easy decision for an actor but he said he focused more on the scenario. Because his face was covered in a mask, he had to perform every act and detail with more effectiveness.

It took 6 hours or make-up and disguise and he had to wear a fish mask that was 8 kilograms but he did it without a stand-in. He's already a star in the Chinese region but he showed much passion for his job as a Korean actor.

- Joo Won in "Yong Pal" and "Fatal Intuition"

Actor Joo Won is a known for working hard. He doesn't give himself a break. He pulled off "Yong Pal" without getting much sleep and his efforts brought him back great results.

He then continued to star in the thriller movie "Fatal Intuition" as Jang Woo who lost his sister. He worked again for "Fatal Intuition" right after "Yong Pal" was over. He's never had much luck with movies but "Fatal Intuition" has an accumulated number of 1 million audiences. Now he's back to thinking what movie to star in next.

- Cho Jung-seok becomes a leading actor in no time

Cho Jung-seok had a busy year. He was a bad-tempered chef in the drama "Oh My Ghostess" but he turned into a sweet child in front of the woman he loves, Na Bong-seon (Park Bo-young).

He then attempted at the movie "The Exclusive : Beat the Devil's Tattoo". In the process of resolving a mistake he thought was an exclusive story, Cho Jung-seok proved Heo Moo-hyeok well. He brought out pity in the way he struggled to resolve his mistake and in an interview he said, "I have no worries at the moment. I am the happiest right now".

He is now looking forward to starring in "Time Renegades" and "My Annoying Brother".

- Yoo Ah-in from Jo Tae-oh in "Veteran" to Sado in "The Throne"

Yoo Ah-in. These three words prove that he's one of the strongest characters in the game. He is living the peak of his life right now. When young actors refused to play the bad guy because of their 'image', Yoo Ah-in accepted the role of Jo Tae-oh and did more than expected of him.

He created classic lines from the movie and his actions and expressions have been parodied in TV shows several times. He is proof that an actor's life is shown in the screens.

Yoo Ah-in then starred in the movie "The Throne" as Sado, son of Yeong-jo played by Song Kang-ho. He worked so hard that he actually hit his head on stone; his hard work truly stood out. He's currently in the drama "Six Flying Dragons" and is enlisting after that.

- Ha Jung-woo, the sexy star that even bewitched the male crowd

Ha Jung-woo starred in "The Assassination" as the sexy Hawaii Pistol and proved his worth once again.

"Chronicle of a Blood Merchant" didn't do as well as expected but as he took part in every single part of the movie from scenario, main cast and production, he said, "I love "Chronicle of a Blood Merchant" and "Fasten Your Seatbelt" regardless of their success".

He starred in "The Assassination" with Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Jung-jae. He was so amazing in the movie that he won not only the support of female fans but male fans as well. He's currently looking forward to the release of "The Handmaiden", "With God" and "Tunnel".

- Gang Dong-won, on the point of contact with the public

Gang Dong-won starred in a movie every 6 months last year but there was a gap between him and the audience every time. He closed this gap with "The Priests" this year. The ironic thing is that the subject of the movie isn't commercial but managed to bring about a 'Gang Dong-won Syndrome'.

Gang Dong-won starred in the JTBC "News Room" for the first time in 11 years on TV. He broke out a sweat as he was nervous, but his movie is now on the verge of breaking through 4.5 million audiences.

- Cho Seung-woo, an actor of his own beliefs chooses the something solid

Actor Cho Seung-woo starred in the movie "The Assassination" shortly but as an impressive character. To make his character realistic, although just a cameo, Cho Seung-woo gave his character a lot of thought.

He then starred in the recently released movie "Inside Men" as investigator Woo Jang-hoon who manipulates and takes control over political gangster Ahn Sang-gu (Lee Byung-hun) and stands strong and charismatic against Lee Kang-hee (Baek Yoon-sik).

- Yoo Seung-ho, "I wanted to be in this drama"

The little boy who used to say 'chicken' went off to serve National Duty one day and is back as a strong young man. He cried on the day of his discharge and said he missed his two cats at home.

Yoo Seung-ho said, "I really wanted to work. I missed it". He then quickly went on to work on "The Joseon Magician" as Hwan Hee, the greatest magician there was in the Josun times. The movie is out this December and it might be the last meaningful movie to him this year.