[Interview] "Mother - Drama" Lee Bo-young's Heart Still Aches

Lee Bo-young is done with "Mother - Drama" and sat down for an interview in a café in Sinsadong.

"I really feel the drama is over now. I cried so much with Yoon Bok (Heo Yool) after the last take".

"At home, I watched the ending and cried on the inside. I think I've vented enough. My heart still aches from it".

Thinking about Heo Yool made her cry. "I'm so honored to have been Heo Yool's first partner. She's quite a kid".

Lee Bo-young plays Soo-jin, an elementary school teacher and a woman who takes in Yoon Bok, a girl that's being abused, as her own daughter.

"Mother - Drama" ended on the 16th and "My Mister" comes along on the 21st.