[Interview #1] "Like For Likes" Choi Ji-woo, "Greed to be the top? I like it better 6 ways"

Actress Choi Ji-woo is coming out with a movie.

She was interviewed recently for the movie "Like for Likes" and she said, "It's not that I didn't want to star in a movie but somehow my decision headed for dramas".

This is her first movie in 7 years since "Actresses" in 2009 and it's not a one-top movie but an omnibus romantic comedy.

Choi Ji-woo said, "The scenario was fun. The story of three couples seemed colorful. Gravity wasn't the issue here. I feel like I have supporters around me and it's better to be many than one".

She co-stars with Kim Joo-hyuk, Yoo Ah-in, Kang Ha-neul and Esom. She said, "There's six of us and I like it that way. "Like for Likes" is a fun movie. There hasn't been a lot of romantic comedies lately. I also hope our movie succeeds thanks to Yoo Ah-in".

"I have greed for character. I want to be in a good movie which people like and I also want to be in a movie where an actress gets all the spotlights".

"Like for Likes" is a movie about men and women who really fall for each other after 'liking' everything on each others' SNS. The three couples are Lee Mi-yeon, Yoo Ah-in, Kang Ha-neul, Choi Ji-woo and Kim Joo-hyuk.

Choi Ji-woo plays the role of a stewardess named Ham Joo-ran who is paired with a chef named Jeong Seong-chan who lost his fiancée. Lee Mi-yeon plays Jo Kyeong-ah, a star writer who is notorious and Yoo Ah-in is a Hallyu star named No Jin-woo.

Kang Ha-neul and Lee Som are the best examples of a beginning romance. They take on the roles of genius composer Lee Soo-jo and director Jang Na-yeon. The movie will be released on February 17.