[Interview] "Part-Time Spy" Kang Ye-won, "Namgoong Min was nice"

The country has 6.44 million temporary workers. They have Nowhere to Turn to even if they get discharged overnight. The government released a system of elementary school sports instructors in 2008 but most schools only employ them for 11 months. This is part of a scheme to avoid paying pension which becomes true if the position is filled for 12 months.

In 2012, 2014 and 2016 released a law forbidding the 'breaking down of contract' but it didn't work. It's spring but it's still winter for those without real jobs.

The movie "Part-Time Spy" looks at this social matter in a comical way. Kang Ye-won takes on the role of Jang Yeong-sil, a wannabe public worker who looks for a job while she does various part time jobs and then get a job as a 'comment maker' in the National Security Agency. Although she has 22 licenses for many things, she gets a secret order from Deputy Park (Jo Jae-yun) to go undercover in a voice phishing organization. She's the first in line to get fired but she struggles to retrieve the nation's budget which was lost by her superior.

The day ex-President Park was impeached; Kang Ye-won was interviewed in Seoul where riots went on. She said, "I wish to become a citizen who is covered by her society".

She mentioned that an actress is also temporary, and said, "I also worry about what I would do if I didn't have work after this, but I wish the government would work on making the country a better place to live in without having to worry about tomorrow".

The following are the questions and answers with Kang Ye-won from "Part-Time Spy".

Q: You really showed your ugly side this time. Is there anything special you did to prepare?

Kang Ye-won: No, not really. The role just made be that way. I didn't work on looking so broken down but many told me I looked like I intended on it.

Q: What influence did Yeong-sil have on Kang Ye-won exactly?

Kang Ye-won: I always worry about showing something different and not just my face. I didn't want to look like me. I wanted to be someone else on the inside and not just looks. I chose the glasses and style myself. The movie title was "Park-time Yeong-sil" so it mattered even more. The title changed in the end because I felt too much pressure. I changed the attires too.

Q: How are you alike from Jang Yeong-sil?

Kang Ye-won: The way she's not confident about herself and the way she thinks is quite similar to me. She's colorless and odorless but she keeps trying and that's like me too.

Q: We heard the pictures in Yeong-sil's house was really drawn by you.

Kang Ye-won: I texted the director a picture I drew saying it was Jang Yeong-sil or what she might be and he said we should hang it in her house. I realized there are many ways to express a character.

Q: How was working with Han Chae-ah?

Kang Ye-won: It was easy. Some think that actresses might not get along, but she's very honest and I am very clear about what I like or don't like. I approached her more because I'm older but learned she was really cool. She seems different. She's normal and she's like me in a way. She's very down-to-earth.

Q: We think you are close to each other. Did you know about her scandal with Cha Se-chi?

Kang Ye-won: I did know. I knew they were going through a hard time and they were worried that they might be spotted publicly just in case someone took their pictures. I also don't tell my agency who I'm seeing. I am not twenty years old and I don't need to get permission for who I want to see. Chae-ah was worried about having to speak to the reporters. I was quite surprised during the premiere when she blurted it out like that. I wish they looked at her in a good way.

Q: It was disappointing that the romance with Namgoong Min didn't work out.

Kang Ye-won: I wish I had more chances to work with him. We got along well. We didn't see each other a lot but we talked a lot. It was short but nice.

Q: Is there anything you want to say about "Part-Time Spy"?

Kang Ye-won: I once helped a friend who was voice-phished. I am so angry at those who do that. I wish this movie gives a positive influence about this matter.

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