[Interview] "Swing Kids" Do Kyung-soo Loves to Cook to Relieve Stress

"I'd be lying if I say it's easy being a singer and an actor at the same time. However, I try to find happiness within. I am happy by just being able to work".

Do Kyung-soo is all smiles even though he's very busy. He's been busy as D.O from EXO and actor Do Kyung-soo who starred in drama "100 Days My Prince", and films "Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days" and "Swing Kids" within the last year.

Do Kyung-soo debuted in 2012 with the idol group EXO and starred in his first movie "Cart" in 2014. He has to live two different lives, but he can't give up either.

"Both have their appeals. As a singer I can face the audience personally and I feel happy seeing the people cheer for me. When I'm acting I can express various emotions through my characters and get satisfaction from that".

Not everyone can play two parts at the same time; what are some problems he might experience? "There are inconveniences trying to be a singer and an actor at the same time".


"I can't always be 100% focused on one side. I think I can be better with more time and effort, but it's I can't do that and that's the only downside to it".

He relieves his work stress by cooking. He says he would have become a cook if he weren't a singer or an actor, and he wants to be a licensed cook.

He claims his mother helped him to enjoy cooking. "I think about recipes and wonder what they'd taste like. I cooked for my teammates and they liked it".

He watches a lot of movies, too. He said, "I like movies and I go to the movies whenever I can. I recently watched "Park Hwa-young" and I was impressed by the natural performance of the cast".

His fans are his source of his energy. He wants to be a singer and an actor this year, too. He's looking forward to the EXO comeback. After the end-of-year concert, EXO is taking a month off to prepare for its February comeback.

As an actor, he's thinking about what role to play next. "I draw a line on the characters that I want or don't want to be, but I also want to be in a human drama".

What does Do Kyung-soo dream about? He hesitated at the question and answered slowly but sincerely. He wants to give out energy through his songs and his acting.

"Challenge is growth for me. I learned how to tap dance through this movie and I want to extend the number of things I can do. They can be a foothold to the things I want to do, maybe cooking? (laughs)".

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