[Interview] "This Life Is Our First Life" Park Byung-eun Says Esom Is a Great Partner

Reporters Kim Sol-ji with MBN Star says that actor Park Byung-eun is a funny man. Contrary to his neat and tidy image, he is an unusual guy.

Park Byung-eun recently played Ma Sang-goo, the CEO of an agency that developed a dating application in the tvN drama "This Life Is Our First Life". The drama is about a homeless woman named Yoon Ji-ho (Jung So-min) and a house poor man namedNam Se-hee (Lee Min-ki) who live in the same house and grow fond of each other. Around them their friends experience different kinds of romantic relationships.

"I felt like acting was free and comfortable in this drama. An actor is pressurized about his job sometimes, but this drama had a good feel to it. Everyone got along and the director made everyone feel comfortable. I learned something great as an actor and I am going to use what I've learned in the future".

The character Ma Sang-goo is a cute macho guy who prefers straightforward relationships and gives everything to his love. His lines are consistently funny and he falls head-over-heels for a woman.

"It was fun for me, too. Most of my roles until now have been shady. I know I have a funny side to me and I could let it all out this time. I'm actually kind of upset the drama is over, but we have a gathering soon so I guess I can let myself out there again. I'm excited for this".

"The director and I discussed Ma Sang-goo and his comical side a lot. I haven't had many offers for characters like this yet. The director said he sensed I had wit. I don't know where he got that from (laughs). We had some drinks and I guess I was fun because he said he was even more sure that I could do it. He said I would be the perfect Ma Sang-goo. I was thankful".

"There was no pressure on the ad-libbing. I asked permission before I said them and the director and the writer approved them. The director did say that if I went overboard he would tell me to take it down a notch. We worked well together like that".

Even the viewers fell in love with his speech and ad-libbing. What about his co-stars? Park Byung-eun mentioned Esom and the great partner that absorbed all of his commentary.

"My ad-libbing cracked people up on set. Jung So-min laughed with her head down and Esom absorbed them so well. If someone doesn't laugh at my jokes then I feel discouraged, but Esom made me want to do more. I loved it. I wouldn't have continued if my partner didn't like my jokes, but she didn't mind them".

Ma Sang-goo was a macho man, but in front of Woo Soo-ji (Esom), he was a softy. He cried in front of her and she even caught him with a kiss

"We were great together. There would have been obvious signs if we were uncomfortable with each other, but we weren't. Esom seemed shy at first and I wondered how she was going to pull out the viper in her, but when cameras started rolling, she did really well. She was awesome. She is usually in movies and I think dramas and movies are different, so she prepared a lot. I thought she was a great actress".