[Interview] Yoon Si-yoon, "I am responsible for what I amů"

Yoon Si-yoon is different.

Yoon Si-yoon attempted at a trendy character in the recent tvN drama, "Flower Boy Next Door", unlike the sincere characters he's been in such as MBC drama, "Me Too, Flower!" or KBS "Bread, Love and Dreams". He played the role of a genius creative director Enrique Geum from Spain who is fidgety and whiny like a little child. He also created a fantasy image which makes one imagine if there really is a guy like Enrique out there.

"They say the viewers know right away when an actor enjoys what he's doing. I tried to enjoy Enrique. I've always been pressured by acting but I thought differently this time. I thought to myself, "Let's do it my way" and I was sure I had a silly side to me".

Other than Enrique were Ko Dok-mi (Park Shin-hye), Oh Jin-rak (Kim Ji-hoon-I) and fashion star, Cha Do-hwi (Park Soo-jin). The atmosphere of the drama was very much like the actual site and it's been rumored that they all offered to treat everyone to a meal often, so they even had to adjust shooting schedules.

"I don't believe it's over. It's hard to explain when the project I've picked and made creates the kind of atmosphere where everyone is so close and comfortable with each other -- we are practically family. We talk a lot when we get to the site and when we finish early, we would go out for drinks. I like to meet people because I like them".

Yoon appeared like a comet through "High Kick!" and starred in "Bread, Love and Dreams" right after. He was always in the lead and he showed that he was worth it. However, "I've received too much compared to what I have shown you".

"I'm sure many wonder why I ended up in the lead role. I wonder about it myself. I try to perform in away other actors and actresses can understand me and I care about every NG I make".

Yoon Si-yoon thinks a lot. He thinks about his popularity and acting as well as his image. He's still thinking hard to find answers to his problems. In the end, it's all about responsibility.

"Many people like the image that I have. If that's me, I think I should be able to take responsibility for that. I always try to live healthly and I want to show that this guy is a young and healthy one".

Enrique ended up in love with Ko Dok-mi in "Flower Boy Next Door". It's time for Yoon Si-yoon to snap out of his character now.

"I want to say goodbye to Enrique. I have a habit of writing down everything. I am going to arrange my notes about the things we could've done better about the drama and have a meeting with my managers. I want to be prepared before doing something again. I try to be a good actor".

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