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Jeon So-min, Ravishing in a Wedding Dress

Actress Jeon So-min showed off her beautiful wedding dress.


On the 25th, Jeon So-min wrote on her Instagram, "Hi "Cleaning Up". Thank you to everyone who was with me. I love you. In-kyeong is happy". and posted several photos.

In the photos, Jeon So-min in a wedding dress and actor Na In-woo in a tuxedo stand together. Jeon So-min, wearing a white bouquet and a veil, showed off her innocent charm.

Along with Na In-woo, they created perfect visuals.

Netizens who saw the picture also responded, "Elegant" and "So pretty".

Meanwhile, the JTBC drama "Cleaning Up", starring Jeon So-min, ended on the 24th. "Cleaning Up" contains an unpredictable life-cap challenge for the workers of a securities firm, who entered the stock war with insider trading information they overhear. Yum Jung-ah, Kim Jae-hwa, Lee Mu-saeng, and Na In-woo appeared in it.

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