Jeong Il-Woo Invited to 'Korea-Japan Friendship Festa'

Actor Jung Il-woo, who had appeared in the popular drama "The Sun and the Moon" by playing Yang Myeong, was invited to the 4th Korea-Japan Friendship Festa that will be held at Shibuya Public Hall in Tokyo on April 8.

The non-profit organization, Japan-Korea Cultural Exchange Council (, has held the Korea-Japan Friendship Festa, which has the theme of Korean historical dramas, every year in April since 2008. And it has become one of the major cultural exchange and charity events in Japan with the appearances of popular Korean actors: Choi Soo-jong from the dramas "Dae Jo Yeong" and "Emperor of The Sea;" Song Il-gook from the dramas "Jumong" and "Land of wind;" and Kim Nam Gil from the drama "Queen Seon-deok".

In addition, the group Monday Kiz will perform a live concert, and the Japanese Chamber Orchestra called Baradan will hold a performance during this year's event to create a festive mood.