Jo Duk-je drops out of "Rude Miss Young-ae Season 16"

Actor Jo Duk-je is leaving "Rude Miss Young-ae Season 16" because he was sentenced to probation in court for a charge of sexual harassment.

Jo Duk-je appeared in seasons 14 and 15 as a mean owner. He was supposed to appear in season 16, but the actor was accused of harassing an actress with whom he filmed a movie. At first, netizens speculated who the reports were about. Later, he confirmed his identity in an interview.

According to the actress, Jo Duk-je ripped her underwear and put his hands down her pants while filming a movie in 2015. She reported him to the police and in the first trial, the actor was sentenced to five years, but the court trial ended in acquittal.

However, the verdict was overturned and Jo Duk-je was sentenced to one year in prison, two years on probation, and forty hours of sexual abuse treatment.

"Rude Miss Young-ae Season 16" begins later this year.

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