Cho Jung-seok and Yoona Will Rock the Big Screen This Summer

They drew attention with the news of being in the same movie together last year and finally, Cho Jung-seok and Yoona are coming to theaters this summer.

In a recent preview of the movie "Exit - Movie", these two appear as two college mates who reunite at someone's mother's seventieth birthday party.

Cho Jung-seok plays the role of Yong-nam, an unemployed man. Worthy of his name, Cho Jung-seok possesses the ability to become several characters and faces, such as his character Baek Yi-kang in the recent "The Nokdu Flower".

In an urgent situation where his character has to escape the city, Cho Jung-seok shows off his rope climbing skills that he has been practicing.

Yoona plays Eui-joo, the branch manager of the location where Yong-nam has his mother's seventieth birthday party. Without even having a moment to recall her memories with Yong-nam she's stuck in a disastrous situation and is on the move.

Yoona's comedy experience from "Confidential Assignment" and her collaboration with Cho Jung-seok are sure to bring out the laughter from the audience when "Exit - Movie" premieres this summer.


"Exit - Movie" is directed by Jeong Dong-yoon, written by Park Yeon-hyeok, and features Choi Tae-joon, Woo Hyun, Nam Gi-ae, Park Ho-san, Kim Kyung-nam-II, Jeon Soo-jin. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2018/04/30~2018/05/01, Mon, Tues 22:00 on .

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