Joo Sang-wook and Choi Kang-hee may lead MBC's new drama, 'Glamorous Temptation'

MBC's new drama, "Glamorous Temptation" has been decided to begin after the completion of "Splendid Politics". Joo Sang-wook and Choi Kang-hee are currently in talks for the leading roles of the drama.

On August 17th, an associate with MBC said, "We have decided to air "Glamorous Temptation" after the completion of "Splendid Politics" and "It is scheduled to begin on October 5th. Casting main and supporting actors is in the final stage and we're also in the wrap-up stage to be ready for the first filming scheduled in the end of this month".

"Glamorous Temptation" will be 50 episodes in total. Writer Son Yeong-mok of 'May Queen', and 'Golden Rainbow' and producer Kim Sang-hyeob of '7th Grade Civil Servant', and 'Mama - Nothing to Fear' will work together for the drama.

"Glamorous Temptation" is about a woman who tossed herself into the fancy world, seduced by the mysteriousness inadvertently. The drama depicts the influences she causes in the inaccessible top 1% of upper class society. Families destroyed by materialism will heal through the recreated family love. The drama is highly anticipated as a well-made drama.

While MBC has been producing large period dramas from "Empress ki" to 'Shine or Go Crazy' and "Splendid Politics", the 50 episode modern drama is drawing attention as to what the reason could be behind the exceptional planning of their airtime.

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