Jung Eun-ji and Jung Woo

"Answer Me 1997" hero and heroine Jung Eun-ji (Seong Si-won) and Jung Woo (Trash) had a fight and then seemed like nothing was wrong.


Jung Eun-ji fought hair in hair with Trash. It all started with a song that started flowing on a bus.

Seong Si-won, a fan of H.O.T, asked for the volume to be put up and that's when the fight started.

The bus hit the brakes and Trash fell to the floor. Si-won, Yoon-je (Seo In-guk), Seong-jae (Lee Si-eon), Lee Ho-won (Kang Joon-hee) and Yoo-jeong (Shin So-yul) all fell on top of him.

Jung Eun-ji and Jung Woo then appeared in a picture, very friendly with each other.

The picture was posted on Twitter saying, "Trash and Si-won, they both are so happy to meet each other".

Netizens say, "I thought they fought?", "They look nice together", "They look like brother and sister" and more.