KBS America and NEW make a contract to distribute movie 'The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale' in North America

KBS America will distribute Korean film, "The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale" to North America.


KBS America and film company NEW have announced during American Film Market, which started on November 4th, that they made a contract for the North American distribution of movie "The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale". This movie is a blockbuster movie for winter season 2015 by the film company NEW, which is well-known for the marketability and quality of their productions including "Miracle in Cell No.7" and "The Attorney".

CEO Yoo Geon-sik of KBS America said, "KBS America has been leading the Hallyu in North America. We have decided to use our experience with KBA channel and in distributing TV programs as well as the know-how in promoting Hallyu, and have chosen "The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale" as our first project".

CEO Kim Woo-taek of the film company NEW also said, "KBS America is trusted for its profound experience in distributing TV contents as well as its brand name. We believe we will be best partners".

KBS America will release "The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale" in theaters throughout North America first of all, distribute DVDs and then release the film on Netflix later on. Also, KBS America is also looking into the option to release through their own network KBS World to promote Korean films in order to expand the fandom of Korean movies in North America.

"The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale" is about Cheon Man-deok, Joseon's best hunter, who has decided not to touch his gun ever again during the Japanese occupation and tries to protect the last tiger in Joseon.

The movie is highly anticipated for being the collaboration between director Park Hoon-jung, well-known for his directing and script of movie "The New World" and the super star, A-list actor in Korea, Choi Min-sik.

"The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale" will be released on December 16th in Korea and in the beginning of January, 2016 in North America.