KBS Drama Awards 2015 Nominees

KBS Drama Awards 2015 Nominees for 2015/12/31 ceremonies presented by Kim So-hyun and Jun Hyun-moo.

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Best Couple

Jae Hee - Kang Byul ("Protect the Family")
Seo In-guk - Jang Nara ("Remember You")
Sung Hyuk - Han Chae-ah ("Only You My Love")
Lee Won-geun - Jung Eun-ji ("Cheeky Go Go")
Ryu Soo-young - Kim Dasom ("The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law")
Lee Sang-woo - Eugene ("All About My Mom")
Oh Min-suk - Son Yeo-eun ("All About My Mom")
Choi Tae-joon - Jo Bo-ah ("All About My Mom")
Ahn Jae-hyun - Ku Hye-sun ("Blood")
Kim Jae-joong - Ko Sung-hee ("Spy - Drama")
Jung Jae-young - Song Yoon-ah ("Assembly")
So Ji-sub - Shin Min-a ("Oh My Venus")
Yeo Jin-goo - Seolhyun ("Orange Marmalade")
Jang Hyuk - Han Chae-ah ("The Merchant: Gaekju 2015")
Song Jae-rim - Lee Ha-na ("Unkind Women")
Lee Joon-hyuk - Kyung Soo-jin ("Blue Bird Nest")
Lee Sang-yeob - Chae Soo-bin ("Blue Bird Nest")
Cha Tae-hyun - Gong Hyo-jin ("Producers")
Kim Soo-hyun - Gong Hyo-jin ("Producers")
Kim Soo-hyun - IU ("Producers")
Yook Sung-jae - Kim So-hyun ("Who Are You - School 2015")
Nam Joo-hyuk - Kim So-hyun ("Who Are You - School 2015")

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Best Actor

Kwak Si-yang ("Everything Will Be Alright")
Kim Sang-joong ("Jing Bi-rok")
Kim Soo-hyun ("Producers")
Kim Jae-joong ("Spy - Drama")
Nam Joo-hyuk ("Who Are You - School 2015")
Ryu Soo-young ("The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law")
Park Bo-gum ("Remember You")
Park Jin-woo ("Love From Today")
Seo In-guk ("Remember You")
Sung Hyuk ("Only You My Love")
So Ji-sub ("Oh My Venus")
Song Jae-rim ("Unkind Women")
Ahn Jae-hyun ("Blood")
Yeo Jin-goo ("Orange Marmalade")
Yook Sung-jae ("Who Are You - School 2015")
Lee Sang-woo ("All About My Mom")
Lee Won-geun ("Cheeky Go Go")
Lee Joon-hyuk ("Blue Bird Nest")
Lee Ha-yul ("Shine Like the Stars")
Lee Hae-woo ("TV Novel - In Still Green Days")
Jang Hyuk ("The Merchant: Gaekju 2015")
Jae Hee ("Protect the Family")
Jung Jae-young ("Assembly")
Joo Sang-wook ("Masked Prosecutor")

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Best Actress

Kang Byul ("Protect the Family")
Ko Sung-hee ("Spy - Drama")
Go Won-hee ("Shine Like the Stars")
Gong Hyo-jin ("Producers")
Ku Hye-sun ("Blood")
Kim Min-jung ("The Merchant: Gaekju 2015")
Kim So-hyun ("Who Are You - School 2015")
Kim Dasom ("The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law")
Seolhyun ("Orange Marmalade")
Song Yoon-ah ("Assembly")
Song Ha-yoon ("TV Novel - In Still Green Days")
Shin Min-a ("Oh My Venus")
IU ("Producers")
Eugene ("All About My Mom")
Im Se-mi ("Love From Today")
Jang Nara ("Remember You")
Jung Eun-ji ("Cheeky Go Go")
Chae Soo-bin ("Blue Bird Nest"/ "Cheeky Go Go")
Choi Yoon-young ("Everything Will Be Alright")
Han Chae-ah ("Only You My Love" & "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015")

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Best Drama


"Remember You", "Cheeky Go Go", "The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law", "Masked Prosecutor", "Spy - Drama", "Oh My Venus", "Orange Marmalade", "Producers", "Who Are You - School 2015"


Medium-Length Drama

 "Blood", "Assembly", "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015", "Unkind Women"


Full-Length Drama

"All About My Mom", "Jing Bi-rok", "Blue Bird Nest"


Daily Drama

"Protect the Family", "Everything Will Be Alright", "Only You My Love", "Love From Today", "The Honey Pot", "TV Novel - In Still Green Days", "Shine Like the Stars"

Short Drama

"Thank You My Son", "Snowy Road", "Oh! Grandmas", "Drama Special - Contract Man", "Drama Special - What is the Ghost Doing?", "Drama Special - The Brothers' Summer", "Drama Special - Unfamiliar Story", "Drama Special - Trains don't stop at Noryangjin station", "Drama Special - Live Shock", "Drama Special - Red Moon", "Drama Special - Secret", "Drama Special - Pa", "Drama Special - Finding Argenta", "Drama Special - Fake Family", "Drama Special - Stay Still", "Drama Special - Hair Day", "Drama Special - The Wind Blows to the Hope", "Drama Special - Funny Woman"


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