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KBS Drama Awards 2018 Nominees - Dramas

KBS Drama Awards 2018 nominees for the 2018/12/31 ceremony.

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Monday-Tuesday Dramas

"Radio Romance"
"Miracle That We Met"
"Are You Human?"
"Lovely Horribly"
"Matrimonial Chaos"


Thursday-Wednesday Dramas

"Black Knight - 2017"
"Queen of Mystery 2"
"Your House Helper"
"The Ghost Detective"
"Feel Good To Die"


Weekend Dramas

"Shall We Live Together"
"My Only One"


Morning Daily Dramas

"Waves, Waves"
"Cha Dal-rae's Love for His Wife"


Evening Daily Dramas

"Clear Tomorrow"
"Doll's House"
"Love Until the End"
"Get Out of the Way, Fate"


Short Dramas

"Joseon Beauty Pageant"
"After The Rain"


Drama Special

"Drama Special - My Embarrassing Days"
"Drama Special - Forgotten Season"
"Drama Special - The Tuna and the Dolphin"
"Drama Special - A Very Midday Romance"
"Drama Special - Ms. Kim's Mystery"
"Drama Special - The Long Farewell"
"Drama Special - Dreamers"
"Drama Special - My Mother's Third Marriage"


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