Kim Da-hye No Longer Child Actress

Actress Kim Da-hye, known for appearing as a cute child actress in many KBS children's shows, has returned as a stately-looking grown-up lady. She will play a Chinese-Korean girl in "Silk Shoes" directed by Yeo Kyun-dong. The movie is part of a television film production project overseen by KBS and the Korean Film Council.

There was a time when it was regarded as extremely difficult for child actors to transition into successful acting careers as grown-ups. But that misconception was proved wrong when such former child actors as Jang Seo-hee, Yang Dong-geun and Kim Min-jung became top-rated stars when they grew up. These days, former child actors are recognized as more qualified and well-trained than inexperienced newcomers.

Although Kim followed her parents' advice to stop acting, and even majored in computer science at Dongguk University, she eventually returned to acting, unable to give it up forever.

To break away from her image as a child actress, Kim chose the role of a headstrong Chinese-Korean girl. She says she was able to portray her character perfectly with the help of director Yeo Kyun-dong and a Chinese-Korean dialog coach who taught her the Chinese accent.
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