Kim Hee-sun of "Alice", "If I Was Allowed to Time-travel? NO"

Actress Kim Hee-sun says she doesn't want to go back to her 20s.


The recent SBS drama "Alice" actress Kim Hee-sun recently stated that she wouldn't want to go back to her 20s even if she could.

"Alice" tells the story of a tragedy taking place at a hotel where time travelers stay between journeys. Kim Hee-sun plays the role of professor Park Seong-yeong who structured the basic foundation of the time traveling system Alice.

Kim Hee-sun in a recent interview, "I wouldn't want to travel back to my 20s even if I could. I think I have done enough in my 20s so I don't think I'd be able to do that again".

"I also think, I'm here where I am today because of all my activities in my 20s. Back then, I used to worry that I would be out of work but I'm more at ease now. I am at an age where I can make my own choices. Before, I was passive and did as the director told me to but now I can freely express my perspectives".

She added, "If I had to travel back in time, I would go back to when I was a baby. Or to a time when I didn't have a single worry and all I did was study in my uniform. Now that I think about it, I think the results are the same whether I studied or not. I also kind of want to live without worry and just be happy with the allowance my mother gives me".

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-sun, Kwak Si-yang and Joo Won's "Alice" ended on the 24th.