Kim Seo-ra cast for Jang Ok-jeong

Middle aged actress Kim Seo-ra has beencast for the upcoming SBS drama "Jang Ok-jeong Lives in Love".

She's been cast for the role of Ok-jeong's mother, Yoon, in the drama.

Although Yoon is a slave, she has amazing beauty and is always feelings sorry for her children who have to go through hard times because of her identity.

Kim Seo-ra has been in major dramas and movies since her 1989 debut with the movie "Mayumi". She played the role of Ahn Hye-jeong, Seo Yoon-jae's (Gong Yoo) mother in the KBS 2TV drama "Big" last year and starred as Se-ryeong's (Moon Chae-won) mother in "The Princess' Man".

"Jang Ok-jeong Lives in Love" is about to show a different Jang Ok-jeong from the one that widely known under the set up that she was a fashion designer.

The Cast is made up of Kim Tae-hee, Yoo Ah-in, Jae Hee, Hong Soo-hyun, Lee Sang-yeob, Yoon Yoo-sun, Han Seung-yeon, Ji Yoo and more and will be aired in April after "Yawang".