Kim Tae-hee... PR before Filming? 'Odd priorities?"

Kim Tae-hee (35) seems to be more active with pre-promotion than actually filming the show. It is an odd behavior. She will be returning to the small screen with SBS' Wednesday-Thursday drama "Yong Pal" after a 2 year absence.

However, cracks in the show have been showing during this early period of filming. Starting on the 27th, Kim Tae-hee is going around media outlets to promote herself prior to her scheduled comeback. Compared to her costars such as Joo Won and Chae Jung-an who are currently in the thralls of filming, this behavior is a little odd on her part.

For this week, she had booked Monday to Wednesday full of PR schedules. Then, the production asked her to come to the set today (28th). Kim Tae-hee' people responded by saying it is a little difficult because they already had booked the time with the media. The production responded by saying they could not understand her position since the production company and the PR team were there to take care of those stuff. They also didn't understand why she went solo to promote the show even before the start of the show. Since filming was a priority, she canceled her appointments and came to the set but no one was happy.

Kim Tae-hee does not appear much during the first 5 episodes of the new show. Even in the scenes where she appears, she is mostly lying in a hospital bed. Thus, she has more free time then her fellow actors. While there is nothing wrong with promoting the show, it is thought that she is just trying to put her name out. So, others involved with the drama are not happy with her.

An insider with the production said "the other actors all want to promote themselves before the show airs. For many, this is their first drama in a while. This makes everyone be on edge. So, it is difficult to understand Kim Tae-hee's behavior. We are bothered that she puts her own PR before the filming of the show. Please consider the staff who are working in the heat".

"Yong Pal" will air its first episode on August 5th.

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