Kim Tae-hee, "Am I that bad in acting?"

Kim Tae-hee spoke about the issue on her acting skills.

During an interview with the actress in Seoul on the 30th of April, she spoke her thoughts regarding the criticism about her acting.

She said, "This kind of issue will go on forever. I don't know how well I can do in the future but even if I do my complete best, there will be someone who criticizes me. Everyone has different views and thoughts and no one can compliment someone 100%".

"I will still be evaluated like that even when I'm old and a granny".

Kim Tae-hee suffered a lot from all the criticism about her acting. No matter what she tried, all she got in return were the cold stares from the public.

Kim Tae-hee continued, "I thought before, 'Am I really that bad in acting? What can be the problem? Why are they doing this to me?'. Things are getting better as I think I am improving bit my bit and I love my job".

"If you gain something you're bound to lose something else and like so, if someone likes me then there's someone who doesn't. Criticism makes someone look back on their behavior and also makes you realize who is true to you and who is closest to you".

Kim Tae-hee is currently starring in the SBS drama "Jang Ok-jeong" as Jang Ok-jeong (Jang Hee-bin), Lee Soon's (Yoo Ah-in) one and only wife and political figure. While it seems like Kim Tae-hee is about to turn her character cold, romance with Lee Soon has started and many can't wait to see what happens to the two of them.

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