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Actress Kim Tae-hee was told that she was a bore in one talk show. The person who said that was actor Yang Dong-geun who played the male lead opposite her in film "Grand Prix". He was telling the truth. Kim is far from other celebrities who are funny and skilled with their words, the latest trend in entertainment. God may have bestowed Kim with beauty -- the most important quality to be on screen, after all -- but not a brilliant talent and sense of the stage to go with it. Although her looks and intelligence continued to attract people's attention there was always something about her performance that left the audience somewhat unsatisfied. Well, Kim is not like those talkative travelers who can go on and on about interesting twists, the unexpected u-turns or the nostalgia she has felt during her life because she is closer to a pilgrim, simply treading her way forward step by step, never digressing.

"I ask and ask until I become absolutely certain. I'm the type who will say I know only when I'm 100 percent sure", Kim said. There may be a rocket that can shoot you right to stardom but to become a real actor you have to slowly earn it. And Kim knows that. So she takes her steps slow but steadily, never dawdling. Note that all the movies she recommended below are about dreams, more precisely about how they were achieved. Therefore, a miraculous escape from hell that starts with digging a hole with spoon, an act of faith that makes fairy tale-like love a reality, girls who dance and sing to their utmost to realize their dreams -- all seem natural choices for she who has slowly and steadily pursued her own path.

1. A Perfect World (1993) Director: Clint Eastwood

"When I was young I was a child not particularly happy nor sad. Not particularly emotional either. Movies like 'E.T'. would leave most of my friends crying except me. As for 'A Perfect World' I think I got it from a video rental store and watched it with my whole family. It's been a while so I don't quite remember the exact lines or scenes but I remember crying my eyes out while watching it. That was the first movie that left me crying (smile)". A boy who dreams of an ordinary life which others take as granted and an escaped convict who sees his lost childhood in that boy. But this heart-fluttering yet dangerous encounter continues to be threatened by prejudices that surround the two -- even though they were not asking for anything in particular of that 'perfect world', Clint Eastwood directed the film and also starred in in as detective Red.

2. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Director: Frank Darabont

"As an actress I shouldn't be picky about genres but just being myself, I'm crazy about moving stories of life, something that teaches me about life and love. 'The Shawshank Redemption' is a timeless classic with solid plot and superb acting", Not many people go for what everyone thinks is seemingly impossible. But for those who try it anyway, life rewards them with rich dreams. Andy (Tim Robinson) who was wrongfully accused of murdering his wife and taken to the prison, dreams of escape to clear his name. He finally succeeds, turning a spoon-size hope into an unbelievable reality that engulfs him like a pouring rain.

3. Dreamgirls (2006) Director: Bill Condon

"I was in Jeju Island to shoot "Grand Prix" when we had to take a break because of sudden rain so I returned back to our lodgings to watch T.V. That's when I saw 'Dreamgirls'. I had missed it when it was playing in theaters. The movie was filled with so many things to enjoy that I thought I wouldn't mind seeing this on screen again. Yes, I wouldn't mind starring in movies like that myself. My voice may not make not be good enough for a real stage but for movies, I might give myself a try". In the film it is not easy to determine the winner - Jennifer Hudson from "American idol" highly credited for her great efforts and passion or the richly gifted diva Beyonce. But to meet both talents in one movie itself is a rewarding experience on its own for viewers. "Dreamgirls" that portrays the success of a female trio in Broadway followed by desire, jealousy and separation of three friends is one of the finest works on Broadway musicals

4. Notting Hill (1999) Director: Roger Michell

"'Notting Hill' has to be special to you if you're an actress. Sometimes I wonder if I could be as brave as Julia Roberts if something like this happened to me too. Perhaps, if I was head over heels in love because I'm always blinded when I'm in love. (laugh). I think that's how I'm most similar to the role of Choi Seung-hee that I played in "IRIS". I become brave to the point of stupidity when it comes to someone I love". It is not often that you see an actress fall in love with an ordinary book keeper. Although the situation becomes different when that book keeper happens to be Hugh Grant. The biggest beauty of this film is Elvis Costello's pop song "She" that has become one of the most widespread pop song in Korea and the scenes that featured the gradual change of four seasons behind William (Hue Gran) who walked away lonely.

5. Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) Director: Sharon Maguire

"I really like romantic comedies. I even enjoy things that people consider corny. Like in the dialogue of Choi Seung-hee in "IRIS" I like childish things and dream of girlish, romantic stuff, like a knight in a shining armor, just like Bridget in 'Bridget Jones"S Diary". Gone are the days when I didn't need anyone or used to fool around with love. Gone are the days of youth. The part where Renée Zellweger, sings to Celine Dion's 'All by Myself' all broken and haggard, that alone explains everything about the main characters. Noting seems to go right for Bridget - her weight, her love life, her workplace - yet Bridget does not let go of that string of hope in her diary.

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