Korea, Germany to Make Joint-Venture Film on "Yun I-sang"

Korea and Germany will produce a joint-venture film on the life of world-renowned Korean composer Yun I-sang, with production costs amounting to 8 billion won.

This announcement was made by an official from LJ Film Company on Apr. 21. The LJ official said, "We have agreed in principle with Pandora Film Production Company of Germany to make a joint-venture movie. We will begin shooting in 2007".

"We estimate the total production costs at 8 billion won. But no concrete terms of agreement have been reached yet. We have also reached an agreement with the Korean Film Council (KFC) and the Yun I-sang Peace Foundation. Because it will be a full-length film worth 8 billion won, we decided we would need about two years for planning and preparations", said the LJ official.

The KFC confirmed this statement as well. According to the KFC, Karl Baumgartner, president of Pandora Film, and Raymond Loebell, a producer of the film company, were on a visit to Korea in recent days, and had talks on the production of the film with LJ officials at the KFC on Apr. 18.

Born in 1917, the late maestro Yun I-sang left Korea for Paris in 1956. The following year, he went to Germany. In 1967, he was implicated in the "East Berlin Case" and sentenced to a prison term on charges of espionage. He was released from prison two years later with the help of the German government. But he was never to return to his homeland, and died in Berlin, Germany in 1995.

Yun energetically composed and released more than 100 music pieces in various genres such as chamber music, operas, concertos, and symphonies. He won global recognition for his unique music. But he was not given a fair assessment in his own homeland.

"The German film company officials expressed their satisfaction with the plan because it will portray the late maestro Yun in a very serious manner, saying 'it will be an ideal movie befitting an earnest Korean-German joint-venture movie.' Further discussions will be made on the selection of the lead actors and director of the film", said the LJ official.
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