Korean dramas starting today 2012/04/02 in Korea

Korean dramas starting today 2012/04/02 in Korea "The Wedding Scheme", "Welcome Rain to my Life" and
"An Angel's Choice"


"The Wedding Scheme" (2012)

Directed by Lee Min-woo-II

Written by Park Hyeong-jin

Network : tvN

With Kang Hye-jung, Lee Kyu-han, Lee Young-eun, Lee Min-woo-I, Kim Won-jun, Ban Se-jung,...

Mon, Tue 23:00
A drama about a mother who plans to get her four daughters married.

"Welcome Rain to my Life" (2012)

Directed by Park Yong-soon

Written by Ko Bong-hwang

Network : SBS

With Lee Da-hee, Shim Hyung-tak, Ryu Sang-wook, Shin Joo-ah, Lee Young-ha, Kim Hae-in,...

Mon~Fri 08:30
A story of conflict between a former superstar man's family when he suddenly breaks down of cerebral hemorrhage and his past wife and girlfriend show up.

"An Angel's Choice" (2012)

Directed by Son Hyeong-seok

Written by Seo Hyeon-joo

Network : MBC

With Choi Jung-yoon, Jung Sung-woon, Yoon Hee-seok, Kang Se-jung, Choi Il-hwa, Jang Hee-soo,...

A dangerous love by a woman who had no choice but to live intensely.