Korean Movie Opening Today 2020/07/07 in Korea

Korean movie opening today 2020/07/07 in Korea: "Killerswell: Our Space" (2019)


Directed by Kim Hye-sil

With Oh Dong-min, Kim Min-ha-I, Park In-ji, Ahn Dae-hyun,...

That woman, "I'm here to find the money!"
VS that man, "Are you really here for the money?"

Yu-jin suddenly appears at a surf shop run by Dong-min after three years of separation. Yu-jin boldly asks 15 million won from Dong-min. She wants to get paid for the branding "Killer Swell".

Dong-min is confused by Yu-jin's sudden visit after thinking he already forgot all about her. Yu-jin who visited Dong-min is also confused. She left him first because she was unhappy with their relationship, but now, she doesn't know what she wants.

After their parting, can their romance begin again?