Korean Movie Opening Today 2021/09/13 in Korea

Korean movie opening today 2021/09/13 in Korea: "Happiness - 2021" (2021)


Directed by Yoon Joong-boo

With Lee Chang, Park Joo-bin, Seok Bo-bae, Jo Woon, Park Deu-ni-saem,...

Jeong-hoon, who is looking back on his life because of his wife who committed suicide without a will, finds the meaning of happiness that his wife longed for, and visits the sea of memories where he found Geon-hee. A short but intense relationship continues with Geon-hee, who had been struggling with her daughter after divorce with her husband, and she smiles for the first time, and Jeong-hoon feels the small happiness Geon-hee gave him on his bus returning home.