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Korean movies opening today 2012/06/21 in Korea

2012/06/21 Source

Korean movies opening today 2012/06/21 in Korea "Miss Conspirator", "The Suck Up Project: Mr. XXX-Kisser", "Two Weddings and a Funeral", "The Heaven is Only Open to the Single !" and documentaries "I AM." and "2 Doors"

"Miss Conspirator" (2012)

Directed by Park Cheol-kwan

With Go Hyun-jung, Yoo Hae-jin, Sung Dong-il, Lee Moon-sik, Ko Chang-seok, Tae In-ho,...

What happens when a disoriented woman with a grave social phobia loses something that belongs to one of the biggest organized crime gangs in Korea, and needs to get it back before a bullet strikes her head- Sheer chaos ensues and that is what evidently happens in this upcoming movie "Miss Conspirator".
Go Hyun-jung stars as Chun Su-ro, a geeky cartoonist with constant panic attacks, has debilitating phobia of all forms of social interaction.
When a drug lord persuades Chun to deliver a birthday cake secretly filled with drugs to one of his accomplices, she unsuspectingly agreesand somehow gets infiltrated in a complicated drug deal followed closely by the police.
As well as for the blended package of comedy, action and romantic comedy, "Miss Conspirator" is very much awaited by the Korean audience because the movie was directed by Park Cheol-kwan, who produced the hit action comedy film "Hi, Dharma" (2001).
Expectations are indeed high and many are curious to see whether the lead character Chun is as innocent as we all first thought.

"The Suck Up Project: Mr. XXX-Kisser" (2012)

Directed by Jeong Seung-koo

With Song Sae-byeok, Sung Dong-il, Kim Sung-ryung, Ko Chang-seok, Lee Byung-joon, Han Chae-ah,...

Previously known as "King of Flattery" on HanCinema
Director Jeong Seung-koo, an assistant director of "Secret Sunshine" (2007), makes his directorial debut with this comedy about an ordinary man who comes across a master of flattery and learns how to live in the world. Smart but rigid Dong-sik works at an insurance company and he undergoes a difficult time as the relationship with his girlfriend derails and his father is chased by a loan shark. One day, he meets a master of flattery, and learns his skill, which transforms him into an insurance master. This comedy brings together a group of talented comic actors together: Song Sae-byeok of "Mother - 2009" and "The Servant", Sung Dong-il of "SIU" and KO Chang- seok of "The Front Line". However, this film is not a mere comedy with a light touch but director JEONG will make this film a bitter satire about the current state of Korean society.

"Two Weddings and a Funeral" (2012)

Directed by Kim-Jho Gwang-soo

With Kim Dong-yoon, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Song Yong-jin, Jung Ae-yun, Park Jung-pyo, Park Soo-young,...

Min-soo (KIM), a gay man, and Hyo-jin (RYOO), a lesbian, both decided to get married. Not to their respective partners... but to each other. Their devious plan works perfectly. While secretly living with their partners, who move in next door, they appear to the outside world as a "normal" couple. They enjoy all the benefits afforded to heterosexual couples and also are able to ward off the curiosity of parents and any others who might disapprove of their lifestyle. However, Min-soo's intrusive and incredulous parents begin to get a bit too involved with his life, threatening his scheme.

"The Heaven is Only Open to the Single !" (2012)

Directed by Cho Sung-kyu

With Choi Yoon-so, Lee Neung-ryong, Jeong Jung-yeop, Lee Sang-soon, Seo Bum-suk, Baek Hyun-jin,...

An actress, Yoon-so has been banned from dating because of a scandal. It's a love story that she falls in love with a poor musician, Neung-ryong who's been single for a long time. The indie-musicians Lee Neung-ryong and Lee Sang-soon's performances and acts will make your heart flutter.


The Heaven is Open to the Single! is a film that is like delicate fragrance of flower wafted through the Spring Breeze. Starring with well-known indie musicians active in Hongik University area such as Lee Neung-ryong of "Sister's Barbershop", Lee Sang-soon of "Roller coaster & Verandah Project", a singer-song writer Lim Joo-yeon, Jeong Jung-yeop of "Jang Ki Ha and the Faces", and Lingu of "Mongoose", this sensuous movie embodies the love story of young people who love music and art into sweet melody of jazz and guitar and mellow lyrics. With an actual live performance included as a movie scene, listening to the music infused into the entire film is enough to feel happy. Famous actress Choi Yoon-so got dumped by a comedian who is far from being special. People don't understand why Yoon-so begs for his love while not showing any interest in handsome actors who like her. But she has her own values and standards with which she judges people. A new person came into her sight: a talented indie musician Neung-ryong. In the public eye, Neung-ryong is also someone who will be unwelcomed by matchmaking services. However, he is a man of talent, tenacity and perseverance who does what he likes and lives happily without being swayed by what others say about him. Maybe that's what captivated Yoon-so. The title of the movie, which seems somehow influenced by the reality, is a cheer for love, which comes unexpectedly like a small miracle. The movie captures fluttering emotions between young men and women in an interesting way with hand-held shots shaking in a subtle way and close up shots capturing the characters' facial expressions. Forgetting tough reality and feeling happy for a second - wouldn't that be a present that films can give! (Maeng Soo-jin)

* Excerpt from the 2012 Jeonju International Film Festival Program book (Main Catalog)

"I AM." (2012)

Directed by Choi Jin-seong

With Kangta, BoA, Yunho, Max, Girls' Generation, Shindong,...

The artists of SM Town who took over the world, a youth biography about their dreams and many years of effort and passion for a moment of glory.

"2 Doors" (2011)

Directed by HONG Ji-you, Kim Il-rhan

The documentary "2 Doors" tracks down the 2009 Yongsan tragedy, which resulted in the death of 5 evictees and one police commando. The evictees, who were cornered into to climbing up a steel watchtower to appeal for their right to live, came back down as cold corpses only 25 hours after they started building the tower. Those who survived became law offenders. A long battle for the truth started as the police statement accused the evictees for causing the tragedy by carrying firebombs up the tower for an illegal and violent protest while on the other side criticism voiced that the governmental authority's excessive use of force had aggravated the tragedy. The heightened tension between the two parties and opposite views of the truth led for the judgment of the government and the eradication of illegal and violent protests by a decision from the court.

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