Korean movies opening today 2013/03/07 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2013/03/07 in Korea "Psycho-metry", "Jury" and "Kisses" (2011)

"Psycho-metry" (2013)

Directed by Kwon Ho-young

With Kim Kang-woo, Kim Beom, Esom, Park Sung-woong, Lee Joon-hyuk-I, Kim Yoo-bin-I,...

Touch it and you can see the past!

A little girl is kidnapped and murdered in the jurisdiction of gangbuster detective Yang Chun-dong (Kim Kang-woo), 3 years on the job. During the case, he realizes the crime scene is the same as the mysterious wall paper he saw once on the street and starts tracking down Joon (Kim Beom) who drew it.

Just then, he is arrested but Chun-dong realizes that Joon had the 'Psycho-metry' ability to see the past by touching someone or something with his right hand. He'd lived his life alone blaming himself for his ability but had been drawing clues to crimes with it. However, he becomes a suspect for the murder case.

Chun-dong uses Joon's power to track down the real criminal as he believes Joon is the only witness to the case.

Will the case be solved?

"Jury" (2012)

Directed by Kim Dong-ho, Kim Tae-yong

With Ahn Sung-ki, Kang Soo-yeon, Jung In-gi, Park Hee-von, Lee Chae-eun, Park Jung-bum,...

After the film screening, five people hold a meeting. Director Jeong asserts that a film should move the heart. Actress Soo-yeon emphasizes on the message of the film, Film critic Tony just discusses about the current trend of upcoming Korean cinema. Tomiyama cannot fully express her thoughts because of the language barrier. And, the head of jury, Sung-ki can't control the situation. Will this jury reach an agreement against all odds? A satire for those who make, watch, and criticize films is about to begin.

Directed by Kang Ho-jun, Lee Hyeon-cheol

With Yoon Young-min, Jang Hyo-jin, Lee Seon-hee-I, Kim Joon-won, Kim Seong-hyeon, Kim Min-gyu,...

A young guitarist and a female café owner, a law school student and a kissing room part time job girl, a jobless husband and an actress wife with young counterpart, a romantic comedy director and a script writer, a sex criminal vampire and a warrior for revenge, a bad tempered priest and a woman's sad confession. What is between these people?