Korean movies opening today 2014/04/10 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2014/04/10 in Korea: "Broken", "Innocent Thing", "My Boy", "Guardian", "Godsend", "Girls, Girls, Girls", "Let's Go To Rose Motel 2 - Thirst"

"Broken" (2013)

Directed by Lee Jeong-ho

With Jung Jae-young, Lee Sung-min, Seo Jun-young, Kim Dae-myung, Kim Hyun-I,...

Formerly known as "Wandering Knife" and "Roving Edge"
Based on the original by Japanese writer Higashino Geigo, about a father who loses his daughter to murder and kills one of the murderers before setting out to find the other one.

"Innocent Thing" (2014)

Directed by Kim Tae-gyoon

With Jang Hyuk, Jo Bo-ah, Sun-Woo Sun, Lee Do-ah,...

Crank in : 2013/09/14
Formerly known as "Thorn" and "Strawberry Milk" (딸기우유, Ddal-gi-woo-yoo)
A suspenseful melodrama of a cruel obsession in the name of love between a man (Jang Hyuk) who lived an ordinary life and a fearless girl (Jo Bo-ah).

"My Boy" (2013)

Directed by Jeon Kyu-hwan

With Lee Tae-ran, Cha In-pyo, Lee Suk-chul, Jo Wang-byul,...

Impulsive disorderly patient Icheon dreams of playing with his brother Yucheon in the hospital. Their mother struggles with paying the hospital bills and they barely make it by, so they end up getting help from her husband's friend.

"Guardian" (2013)

Directed by Yoo Won-sang

With Kim Soo-hyun-IX, Lee Joon-hyuk-I, Bae Sung-woo, Yoo Hae-jung, No Kang-min, Yeom Joon-hyeok,...

A former firefighter and happy father of two children has his world rocked when one of them is kidnapped. Things get worse when he is given instructions to follow: kidnap another child in exchange for the safe return of his.

"Godsend" (2013)

Directed by Moon Si-hyun

With Lee Na-ra, Jeon Soo-jin, Lee Seung-joon, Kim Young-jae, Kwon Se-in,...

Another film based on a story idea by Kim Ki-duk and directed by a former pupil sees a desperate woman asking a girl considering abortion to give
her the baby. The two face unexpected dangers as they await the birth in an isolated vacation home.

"Girls, Girls, Girls" (2013)

Directed by Han Seung-rim

With Shin Joo-ah, Koo Ji-sung, Yoon Chae-yi, Lee Young-hoon,...

Yeong-jae (Shin Joo-ah), Ha-eun (Koo Ji-sung) and Chun-hee (Yoon Chae-yi) have been friends for 15 years since high school.
Yeon-jae is the youngest of a fine hotel owner and she aims to sleep with 1203 men throughout her life. On the other hand, Chun-hee is an old-school minded high school teacher who has never had sex before in her thirty-something life.
Wedding planner Ha-eun was in love with one man for 10 years but recently experienced the pain of losing both her man and work.
Then one day, to celebrate their 10th year majority, they have a party of their own in room 1203 of Yeon-jae's hotel.
They say the house breaks down if three girls get together.
Just turning thirty, the 3 girls' talk goes overboard, going further than adult rated. Soon, they start poking at each other's nerves and end up making a bet; they have to meet a man and spend a hot night with him.
They target the hotel bellboy Hyeon-soo (Lee Young-hoon) who looks just like the guy at school all three of them used to like.
To prove their night with him, they must collect a sample of their semen. Who is going to spend the hot night with him? Who slept with the hotel bellboy?

"Let's Go To Rose Motel 2 - Thirst" (2014)

Directed by Kim Bong-eun

With Hwang Jeong-ah, Im So-mi, Lee Hyeon-gook, Kim Myeong-joong, Kang Kyung-don, Kim Dong-chan-I,...

The unpermitted passionate love between two men and two women!

Campus couple Sang-yeol (Kim Myeong-joong) and Mina (Im So-mi) are a married couple who maintain their living as a magazine reporter and pretty famous writer. Sang-yeol, who is always at home writing, has been in an affair with his neighbor and collegemate Da-yeong (Hwang Jeong-ah) for quite a while. Then one day, Mina runs into Da-yeong and exchanges phone numbers. Mina starts to suspect the frequent phone calls to her husband from an unknown number. She finds out Da-yeong is the one he's been cheating on her with but she isn't upset. Da-yeong's husband Hyeon-woo (Lee Hyeon-gook) had once dated. One day MIna meets Hyeon-woo coincidentally through work and seduces him. He falls for her and the complicated relationship begins...

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