Korean movies opening today 2014/07/10 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2014/07/10 in Korea : "Confession", "I Like Sexy Women", and "Sookhee"


"Confession" (2014)

Directed by Lee Do-yoon

With Ji Sung, Ju Ji-hoon, Lee Kwang-soo, Lee Hwi-hyang, Choi Jin-ho,...

Formerly known as "Goodfellas"
The story of three men who have been friends since school but their intentions of good faith leads into a crime.

"I Like Sexy Women" (2014)

Directed by Sin Jeong-gyoon

With Kim Tae-han, Seo Ri-seul,...

Hotter and hotter! I like sexy women!
Fencing athlete Min-soo (Kim Tae-han) is good looking and talented, so there's always a line of women around him. Ji-ye (Seo Ri-seul), his childhood friend, is his hot girlfriend although she feels disgusted at the way he's always asking for sex. One day, Ji-ye meets a new partner named Dong-joon and feels differently about him. Min-soo is dumped by Ji-ye but later feels true love for her and tries to get her back...

"Sookhee" (2014)

Directed by Yang Ji-eun

With Chae Min-seo, Jo Han-chul, Yang Eun-yong, Hong Seo-jun,...

After Yoon, a professor of philosophy, fell from a heart attack, his wife brings in Sookhee, a care attendant. She treats her patient like her child as well as giving him sexual excitement. Maternal instinct and sexuality are intermixed in this daring debut film of a late-blooming director.