Korean movies opening today 2014/10/30 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2014/10/30 in Korea: "My Dictator", "Tuning Fork", "Romance in Seoul", "Fantasy" and "The Follower, Ok Han-heum"


"My Dictator" (2013)

Directed by Lee Hae-joon

With Sol Kyung-gu, Park Hae-il, Yoon Je-moon, Lee Byung-joon, Ryu Hye-young, Lee Kyu-hyung,...

"My Dictator" is about a son and a stand-in actor who has to stand-in for the late Kim Il-seong right before the late Park Chung-hee president's summit. Sol Kyung-gu is the stand-in actor and Park Hae-il is his son.

"Tuning Fork" (2013)

Directed by Chu Sang-rok

With Jo An, Kim Min-sang, Lee Ok-hee, Lee Yool-I, No Young-hak, Jo Young-jin,...

"This old lady did something unimaginable"
For the 'comfort woman' just cry out for grandma.
From the Japanese Occupation a 'comfort woman' returns from China an old woman. At the end of the war she can't return home and spends the next 65 years living as an alien in a foreign country. Even to her own granddaughter she seems to be losing her mind. She only wants to go back to Korea...

"Romance in Seoul" (2013)

Directed by Cho Hyun-chul, Choi Si-hyung, Jeong Hyeok-gi, Jung Jae-hoon, Kim Tae-yong-I, Lee Jeong-hong, Lee Woo-jeong

With Ko Hyeon, Park Joo-hee, Koo Kyo-hwan, Lee Chae-eun, Yeo Soo-ah, Cho Hyun-chul,...

Jong-soo misses his roommate Yeong-joo, who is gone. He's embarrassed he misses someone who wasn't even his lover but a close roommate. Meanwhile, Yeong-joo knew this day would come. Min-ha is full of vitality. Ki-cheol lives in the greenhouse built by her. They've lived together for almost three years. One day Ji-hye bumps in between them.
Lovers Yoon and Cheol decide to spend a day up in the mountains. However, Yoon suddenly pours her heart out on all the things she was upset about at Cheol.
Sang-won is working at an electronics department and having a secret relationship with an elderly woman who is from the store across. As spring approaches Sang-won starts to feel weak.
One warm afternoon, Min-jae the chef was taking a nap and Ji-hong woke him up. Byeong-goo, a former boxer has been caught in a punch-drunk. Byeong-goo realizes he doesn't have much time life and starts boxing again.

"Fantasy" (2014)

Directed by Lee Soong-hwan

With Park Jae-hoon, No Soo-ram, Jung Wook-I, Kim Mi-yeon, Han Sung-sik, Lee Sol-gu,...


Being alive while dead is a problem... Chan-soo (Park Jae-hoon) has been in a vegetative state ever since the accident 3 years ago. He feels everything through his ears and time never goes by, as he's in bed all day. The only fun thing is when the people around him talk about their secrets. He then thinks about what they say all they and predicts what might happen or the results. He then hopes unfairness makes his imaginations as fancy as possible...

"The Follower, Ok Han-heum" (2014)

Directed by Kim Sang-cheol

Narrated by Kwon Oh-jung, Sung Yu-ri,...

"The closer I get to the cross I get smaller and the further I get from the cross the bigger I get"

He was crazy. He was crazy about the Gospel and one person; to save one person. He prepared for Sunday Service for more than 30 hours and prepared himself to be ready.

He was Jesus's follower. The church was the subject that was called on by God and at the same time was the follower of God called into the world. Therefore, he lived a life as a follower sent here until he suffered health problems.

He cried in the end. He cried because he wished to see Jesus and because he felt sorry towards his wife and children. In the end, he cried for the saints. Father Ok Han-heum is known as the most respectable character since Father Han Kyeong-jik in the world of Korean Protestanism. He is known for training his followers. Not only did he think of all the luxuries in the world as nothing but he did everything for one soul as the Father of a major church. "I've never compared myself to anyone around me. My comparison is St. Paul and the people of the early church. What do I have to show off compared to them?" To summarize "The Follower, Ok Han-heum", he was a man with a different comparison target. Why did the Korean Church become secularized? That's because we always look around us. Hence, that's why we should look up to those people from the early church and those who lived according to His words. If we look at "The Follower, Ok Han-heum", our comparison targets might change.