Korean movies opening today 2015/09/10 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2015/09/10 in Korea: "Deep Trap", "Shadow Island", "Love Never Fails", "The Night of the Prophet", "My Sister, The Pig Lady", "The Crimson Whale", "On The White Planet", and "Self-Referential Traverse: zeitgeist and engagement"

"Deep Trap" (2015)

Directed by Kwon Hyeong-jin

With Ma Dong-seok, Jo Han-sun, Kim Min-kyung-III, Ji An, Kang Seung-wan, Jung Gi-sub,...

Formerly known as "Exchange" on HanCinema
The film depicts a suspenseful accident that happened in a remote island.

"Shadow Island" (2014)

Directed by Son Seung-woong

With Tae In-ho, Lee Sang-hee, Kim Geun-soo,...

Young-do whose father was a merciless murderer had to endure being called "Monster" ever since he was a child. His father's dark shadow is constantly drawn over him despite his death by execution. Young-do vindictively lashes out to those calling him a monster, slowly becoming one himself. One day, a mysterious woman with a child shows up at Young-do's house, claiming his father murdered her parents. When she demands for his heart, Young-do points a knife at his chest, daring her to stab him. He eventually fails to kick the woman and her child out of his house, and adding to this, he learns of a secret of hers. Shot in Busan, Shadow Island is the name of a location as well as the main character's name. The film explains the legacy of violence passed down through three generations. The lives of a murderous father, a son addicted to violence, and the victims of violence intertwine into a surprising finale. As the film shifts through the past and present, it reveals a painful family history that eats away the soul and leads to a burdened fate of self-destruction.

"Love Never Fails" (2014)

Directed by Min Byeong-hoon

With Jang Hyun-sung, Choi Jeong-won-I, Jung Da-bin, Oh Yu-jin, Kang Shin-chul,...

19th Busan International Film Festival Selection
There is a high school girl who academically excels at school. Her grade is so important to her mother that she cannot look away from her daughter even for a second. The girl tries her best to meet the high expectations of her mother, but when she tells her mother that her school grade improved, the mother begins scolding: "So, why haven't you tried harder until now?" The girl's father is busy with his own problems. The father, who is a doctor, has to stand before the court for sexually harassing his assistant, and is brought to the police station after wrangling with a taxi driver.

"The Night of the Prophet" (2014)

Directed by Kim Sung-moo

With Lee Mi-so, Kim Young-pil, Hong Wan-pyo, Jeon In-hyeop, Heo Sung-tae, Shin Soo-yeon,...

Yeo Ju works in a call center giving counseling to those who suffer from the hardships of life. One day, she is kidnapped by a middle-aged man who tells her of the impending apocalypse, and asks her to join him. He doesn't strike her as dangerous or the sort that would harm her. Piece by piece, a past buried 20 years ago, reveals its secrets… KAFA presents a story of hope and despair.

PiFan 2014

"My Sister, The Pig Lady" (2013)

Directed by Jang Moon-il

With Hwang Jung-eum, Lee Jong-hyuk, Choi Yeo-jin, Park Jin-joo,...

Formerly known as "Piggy Lady" on HanCinema
three single women who fight over a single man in a fishing village almost empty when it was once a famous fishing hot spot

"The Crimson Whale" (2014)

Directed by Park Hye-mi

In the year 2070, mankind faces a life threatening crisis due to huge earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Korea is in a state of anarchy and Busan is swarming with refugees. Young street dealer Ha-jin has the ability to communicate with whales – a fact she keeps hidden from everyone. One day, a onearmed woman named Baek Sang-won asks Ha-jin to join her in the gules whale hunt. Painful memories lead Ha-jin to turn down the offer initially, but she eventually ends up joining Baek. As she makes friends on the ship, she grows curious about the gules whale and learns that every crew member has a sad gules story. The madness in the crews' eyes as they try to kill the gules brings Ha-jin's trauma to the forefront of her mind – and she experiences her own madness.

"On The White Planet" (2014)

Directed by Hur Bum-wook

With Hong Bum-ki, Jo Min-soo-I, Seo Yoon-sun, Yoon-geum Seon-ah, Son Jong-hwan,...

In an unknown time when everything is colorless, the world pale and desolate, everybody is born with pale white skin. There is absolutely no sign of color in this world at all. However, one boy is born with yellowish skin. Everybody treats him like some sort of monster, and the boy lives in isolation, in the woods with his mother. The year he turns 16, the boy's depressed mother, unable to bear the seclusion, commits suicide. The boy blames himself for her death and dreams of becoming a normal pale-skinned person.

"Self-Referential Traverse: zeitgeist and engagement" (2010)

Directed by Kim Sun

With Podoli, Kang Suk, Jung Ah-yung, Lee Ran-hee,...

Korean defender of law and order, Podori (Korean Police Mascot), stars a new day.Now he is preparing his new legs which are almost ready to be combined to his upper body. He has dreamt of the moment that he shows his father these strong and beautiful legs some day.His new legs are being accomplished! He is so excited to meet his father with his precious invention tomorrow! His father will be very proud of him, he believes.However, rats suddenly appears and attacks his legs. He tries to stop them, but they keeps on gnawing his almost ready lower body. He finally decides to fight against the rats.