Korean movies opening today 2016/04/14 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2016/04/14 in Korea: "Two Rooms, Two Nights", "Black Gospel 2" and "Upside Down"


"Two Rooms, Two Nights" (2015)

Directed by Cho Sung-kyu

With Kim Jae-wook, Chae Jung-an, Park Gyu-ri, Baek Do-bin,...

Formerly known as "Backwards Closer Together"
Film director In-seong and scriptwriter Yun-ju have been seeing each other secretly. Min-a, In-seong's ex-girlfriend, is now living in Japan, so when she decides to come to Korea to gather some news material, she makes contact with him and they arrange to go to Gangreung together. Yun-ju is kept in the dark about this. In the country cottage in Gangreung, In-seong tries to win Min-a back, but she doesn't want him and so she leaves. Now alone in the cottage, In-seong asks Yun-ju to come to Gangreung to join him. However, when he sees Min-a and Yun-ju walking out of Gangreung Bus Terminal together, he makes up one excuse after another in an attempt to keep the two women and him apart. "Two Rooms, Two Nights " comically exposes a man trapped by his own petard for playing both sides. Director Cho Sung-kyu, has made several films centering around light love stories- "Second Half", "Santa Barbara", and "The Winter of the Year was Warm" -and this new film follows in a similar vein. (NAM Dong-chul)

20th Busan International Film Festival (2015)
Panorama Section

"Black Gospel 2" (2016)

Directed by Kim Sung-kwon

With Yang Dong-geun, Jung Joon, Kim Yoo-mi, Heritage,...

The actor Yang Dong-geun has a busy schedule, but he still misses the teachers who taught him about true black soul in Harlem and to slake his thirst for music, he visits New York again. In the film "Black Gospel" (2013) he learned from the teachers and performed with them, but he wants to know more about the 7 teachers' lives as they have dedicated their whole lives to gospel. He questions where true soul comes from, what makes them dedicate their lives to it, and what music with soul is. Now he is looking for the answers by following each of their lives.

"Upside Down" (2015)

Directed by Dong B. Kim

According to surveys, 95% of Korean middle and high school students believe tragedies like the sinking of Sewol ferry can occur to them as well. 50% of teenagers feel that Korean society is not safe. Yet, we repeat the same mistakes and accidents. 388 were injured in a subway crash only two weeks after the Sewol tragedy. Fan collapsed and 16 people were killed. There was a 106-car crash on a bridge. Truth of the Sewol ferry tragedy has not been uncovered yet politicians argue whether to recover the remains of the ferry or not. What are we doing in reality?

Upside Down uncovers the inner problems of the Korean society with Sewol tragedy. Korean society has developed a system where people are not valued. To where would this lead? Movie narrates the story with four fathers who lost their children in Sewol ferry. Interviewed based documentary hosts 19 professionals in respective fields and point out the long practiced ironies within the society. What should we change and why should we change now? Upside Down suggest the future path where people are valued and what we should strive for.