Korean movies opening today 2016/11/10 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2016/11/10 in Korea: "Yourself and Yours", "See-Saw", "Oh! My Papa", "The Follower, Ok Han-heum 2: Discipleship" and "Forbidden Sex Wet Dream"


"Yourself and Yours" (2016)

Directed by Hong Sang-soo

With Kim Joo-hyuk, Lee Yoo-young, Kim Eui-sung, Kwon Hae-hyo, Yu Jun-sang, Bek Hyunjin,...

Painter Yeong-soo's mother is in her death bed. He hears that his girlfriend Min-jeong got into a fight with a man while drinking. Yeong-soo and his girlfriend argue that night and Min-jeong leaves him telling him they should have some time apart. The next day, Yeong-soo looks for Min-jeong but she's nowhere to be found. In the neighborhood of Yeon-nam where he lives, he sees girls that are Min-jeong or girls that look like her, going around meeting men. Yeong-soo has to fight with himself that's actually fighting with the world and these Min-jeong's are looking for the perfect man that they have never met before. The day Yeong-soo and Min-jeong meet again, they stop fighting and they find it hard to believe.

"See-Saw" (2014)

Directed by Koh Heeyoung

A whole new world meets you.
Lee Dong-woo gets a call that someone is donating a retina to him. Lee Dong-woo meets this donor who can't move at all and can only see right ahead of him, then they plan a trip together.

These men are the breadwinners of their families with beautiful daughters. They go to Jeju Island and learn a little bit about each other. The two start filling up each others' holes and find each other feeling comforted.

"Oh! My Papa" (2016)

Directed by Park Hyuckjee

With Aloysius Schwartz,...

"All the kids in the streets are like my own".
Father So Aloicio, whose Korean name is So Jae-gun, settled in Busan which was suffering from the aftermath of the Korean War in the 50s. He established the Mother Mariah Shelter to look after poor children and he even bought and turned a detention camp that forcefully admitted kids, into an orphanage. The children thought of him as their father and called him Father So.

"Living in poverty make you stay in the same wavelength as the poor".
Father So used donations to the orphange only for the orphanage but chose to live in poverty himself. His gown which the nuns of the shelter stitched up for him several times and his worn out shoes just show how determined he was as Father So.

True love comes this fall of 2016.

"The Follower, Ok Han-heum 2: Discipleship" (2016)

Directed by Kim Sang-cheol

With Kwon Oh-jung,...

'Christians and Disciples' involves anything to do with Jesus. However, the disciples are stronger because of the value of 'teacher and student'. The Twelve Chosen Ones were disciples before they became apostles and thanks to Jesus's symbiosis they could stay under him for 3 years. One disappointing fact is that the word 'disciple' was continued to be used but the Christians perceived Jesus as a disciple and didn't accept the fact that they had to sincerely take on the responsibilities of disciples.
"너희는 나를 불러 주여, 주여 하면서도 어찌하여 내가 말하는 것을 행하지 아니하느냐?"

"Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord', and do not do what I say?"
(Luke 6:46)

A discipleship is a devoted one. Normally, we choose to avoid discipleship. We choose a suitable area in which we can commit to but avoid areas in which we must pay the price. What we should know is that we 'have no right to choose. "The Follower, Ok Han-heum 2: Discipleship" is about the teachers that teach disciples and teaches all disciples about discipleship.

"Forbidden Sex Wet Dream" (2016)

Directed by Kim Min-wook

A movie about sexual love as a drunk woman finds her way to a man's house in the middle of the night.