Korean movies opening today 2016/12/29 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2016/12/29 in Korea: "The Senior Class", "Papa Zombie" and "My Friend's Wife 2"

"The Senior Class" (2016)

Directed by Hong Deok-pyo

With Lee Joo-seung, Kang Jin-ah, Jung Young-ki, Jang Hyuk-jin,...

Perfect student and hottest girl of the school Joo-hee is rumored to be in the 'ten-pro' industry and her youth is ruined.
Why does my first love have to be you?
Joo-hee (Kang Jin-ah) is majoring in pure arts and dreams of going to France. She's a role model for everyone as she is beautiful and talented. Jeong-woo (Lee Joo-seung) is her fellow schoolmate who is a web-toon writer wannabe and he likes Joo-hee but he doesn't dare approach her.

One day, Jeong-woo finds out that Joo-hee is a student in the day but a 'ten-pro' call girl at night. They become close now that they share a secret. Materially and emotionally, Jeong-woo helps Joo-hee as she wants to graduate with lots of money and with high grades. However, Jeong-woo's first Dong-hwa (Jung Young-ki) also find out Joo-hee's secret and all sorts of rumors and X-files about her begging to spread.

"Papa Zombie" (2014)

Directed by Ko Hyeon-chang

With Jo Han-chul, Jeong Ye-woo, Ko Seo-hee, Bae Yong-geun, Kwak Jae-hoon, Kim Moo-joon,...

"Papa Zombie"
He is an ordinary man in Korea. At home, he's less than average, but then he becomes a zombie?!

He is a father who's been without a job for 4 years in a row. Everything he does is a failure and he never passes any job interviews. Seung-goo lives with his mother, who doesn't even consider his father human, his immature uncle, and his 5 year-old brother. The family moves to a mysterious neighborhood in which they hear something funny...

There's a zombie in this neighborhood!
But wait, the zombie looks very familiar and that's Seung-goo's dad. He believes that his father is a real zombie and that he has to get rid of him to protect his family.

Will the father be able to make Seung-goo understand?

"My Friend's Wife 2" (2016)

Directed by Lee Do-si

With Jeon Beom-joon, Lee Soo, Yoo Seung-il, Mi Na,...

A man who is sick of his fine wife falls for his friend's wife who studies Kamasutra! Dong-ki's sexuality is burning with passion but he doesn't dare ask his innocent and pretty wife Ah-hyeon to fulfill them for him.

However, his friend's wife Mi-ae is different. She loves risky sex and she approaches Dong-ki first. They fulfill each others' sex fantasy. Their relationship gets deeper once they become neighbors.

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