Korean Movies Opening Today 2018/02/22 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2018/02/22 in Korea "In Between Seasons", "The Puzzle", "Guest House", "Live Again, Love Again" and "Female Urologists"

"In Between Seasons" (2016)

Directed by Lee Dong-eun

With Bae Jong-ok, Lee Won-geun, Ji Yoon-ho, Park Won-sang, Seo Jung-yeon, Woo Ji-hyun,...

Three people, two with secrets come across a season they never thought of.

Mi-kyeong lives apart from her husband with a teenage son named Soo-hyeon. He's not very affectionate to her but he's a good kid.
One day, Soo-hyeon brings a friend named Yong-joon to his house as he's going through some difficulties. Yong-joon doesn't say much and has a shadow over his face. A few years later, Soo-hyeon and Yong-joon who reunite in the military go on a trip but goes into critical condition after a car accident. Mi-kyeong has to take care of her paralyzed son Soo-hyeon and resents Yong-joon who came back fine and alive. Mi-kyeong later finds out a secret between her son and his friend and quietly disappears with him.

"The Puzzle" (2018)

Directed by Lim Jin-seung

With Ji Seung-hyun, Lee Se-mi-I, Kang Ki-young, Yang Do-hyun, Hong Seo-baek, Bang Soo-hyung,...

Do-joon looks like he has everything, but in reality, he's a goose father, a father who works in Korea and sends money to his family abroad, who is very suspicious about his wife's activities.

One day while drunk, he saves a mysterious woman named Se-ryeon and falls for her. When he wakes up, somehow he has become a murderer with someone threatening him. He sets out to solve this mysterious puzzle.

"Guest House" (2017)

Directed by Cho Sung-kyu

With Kim Sungje, Chisun, Kim Kang-hyun, Baek Seon-woo, Seo Eun-chae, Jung Da-won,...

Jung-woo runs away from Gangneung every chance he gets in order to take auditions to become an actor. He runs a guest house with his sister, but he doesn't care about it. He longs to leave Gangneung until one day he meets Hiroko. She's a retired Japanese Curling athlete and she's in Gangneung for the Pyeongchang Olympic broadcast. Thanks to his sister, Jung-woo guides Hiroko around Gangneung and finds out why Hiroko is really there.
Jung-woo who wants to leave Gangneung, plans to give her his guest house, but after they slowly get to know each other, they start supporting each other and feeling strange emotions.

"Live Again, Love Again" (2017)

Directed by Han Sang-hee

With Jung Chae-yeon, San E, Chi Pu, Choi Jong-nam, Park Ji-il, Kim Na-on,...

"Thanks For the Love"
Ji-pil hits a writer's block with his music. One day, he hears a tune on the piano while surfing SNS and gets mixed feelings.
In the end, he finds the pianist Mi and heads to Vietnam to find his ex-girlfriend Yoon-hee...

"Female Urologists" (2018)

Directed by Jo Tae-ho

With Kim Ji-yeon-IV, Joo Hee, Yoo Jong-hae, Jo Yong-bok,...

A female urologist struggles to find patients until she decides to use her own body to treat the patients, which leads to success.