Korean Movies Opening Today 2018/05/31 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2018/05/31 in Korea: "Erotic Moves: Director's Cut", "Hyangdan - Director's Cut", "Melon Scent", "Her Husband and His Wife", "An Affair : Young Stepmother", and "Young Aunt".


"Erotic Moves: Director's Cut" (2018)

Directed by Lee Min-II

With Si Won, Baek Se-ri, Young Woong, Kyung Min,...

Internet broadcaster, BJ Si-won, brings home men to comfort herself. She started the broadcast at first to make money, but the positive response she received inspired her to make the broadcast more stimulating.
She seduces men with her erotic moves.
Another BJ, Seri, does everything to get responses, but she can't. She asks BJ Si-won for help. Si-won suggests real sex and Seri calls in her boyfriend

"Hyangdan - Director's Cut" (2018)

Directed by Lee Dong-hyeon-II

With Lee Soo, Lee Chae-dam,...

Wol-mae and Bang-ja try to trick Lord Lee's son Lee Mong-ryong and getting a fortune out of him. However, it's not enough for old Wol-mae to seduce Mong-ryong so she gets Hyang-dan, a celebrated gisaeng to approach him. Mong-ryong has to prepare for the highest-level state examination to recruit ranking officials to honor his family, but he's not interested in studying but only in Chun-hwa. Wol-mae and her team lure Mong-ryong into committed lewd activities with women. According to their plan, Mong-ryong falls for it and Wol-mae is dreaming of stealing a fortune off of him...

"Melon Scent" (2017)

Directed by Kim Woo-suk

With Ji Dae-han, Dong Bang-woo, Kim Kyung-ryong, Baek Hak-gi, Han Tae-il, Nam Po-dong,...

Choi Yong-deuk is a hard worker in Gwandong Village and he's about to become the village chief.

Yong-deuk was nominated as chief of the village for his hard working traits and trustworthy character. However, Man-soo, a politician from Seoul decreases Yong-deuk's chances of becoming chief. Will he beat Man-soo and become the village chief?

"Her Husband and His Wife" (2018)

Directed by Joo Mok

With Lee Sang-hyun, Go Ae-ri, Jung Sun-chul, Jung Seo-in, Lee Kang-in, Kang Soo-young,...

A romantic comedy that tells the troubles between men and women using the teachings of the Bible.

"An Affair : Young Stepmother" (2018)

Directed by Lim Hyun-tae

With Kim Yoo-na-III, Lee Joon-hyun, Han Jae-kyung, Do Mo-se,...

Twenty-year-old Jingu has an unrequited love for his housekeeper, Hyun-ah, who has a lush face, sexy body, and friendly personality. However, Hyeon-ah declares marriage to his father, not Jung-gu! One day, Jingu witnessed a scene where Hyun-a is having a hot time with a man other than his father, and he feels a tremendous sense of betrayal. Since then Jingu has shown her secretly filmed scenes, asking her to listen to only one wish...

"Young Aunt" (2018)

Directed by Kye Jang-hyuk

With Park Joo-bin, Lee Eun-mi-I,...

Jung-hoon manages to get into a university in the outskirst of the city after years of trying, but he can't find a place to stay so he stays at his aunt's house. Ji-hyun runs a shopping mall with her friend Eun-young. Jung-hoon arrives at Ji-hyun's house with just an address and runs into Eun-young who happens to be completely naked.