Korean Movies Opening Today 2019/08/01 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2019/08/01 in Korea: "Longing", "The Dominator", "Young Older Sister-in-Law 2" and "Young Widow"


"Longing" (2019)

Directed by Yoon Woong-dae

With Joo Jong-hyuk-I, Lee Hae-seon, Song Dong-eun, Kim In-chul, Song Ji-yong, Park Ha-rang,...

Chang-hee is on military leave and meets up with high school friend Dong-eun, when he hears that his first love, Eun-ji, is back.
The next day, Chang-hee runs into Eun-ji on his scooter and keeps in touch with her.
Eun-ji seems like she's hiding something, but she can't push Chang-hee away for some reason and slowly falls for him.
Will their innocent love bloom like the cherry blossoms?

"The Dominator" (2019)

Directed by Lee Soo-sung

With Seo Se-myung, Lee Joon-sang, Jung Hyun-wook, Nam Seung-min,...

Winning and losing is the way the world works!
Let's fight!

Han-cheol and his buddies, Geon-mo and Min-ho, want to be the dominators of 11th grade. He gets rid of likely candidates of the 11th grade one by one. One of his opponents is Sang-gil and after school one day, they decide to fight behind an alley. The fight ends with the police appearing, and while the result is inconclusive, they each realize how good their opponent is.

Then Han-cheol finds out about Jin-man, a secluded expert in fighting, through a video. Not knowing what's going on, Min-soo finds the boxing gym Jin-man goes to and that's how he gets on the same boat with the enemy. Shortly, Han-cheol provokes Jin-man by putting up a bounty for him. A girl named Yoo-kyeong sides with Jin-man, pretending to be his girlfriend and seducing hm.

Everything seems peaceful, but Sang-gil looks for Jin-man in an attempt to stop a very determined Han-cheol, and somehow makes it sound like he beat Jin-man. In addition, Han-chwol is suspicious about Sang-gil meeting Jin-man... In the end, Jin-man decides to fight with Han-cheol. They each take turns and neither of them looks like they're about to let up...

"Young Older Sister-in-Law 2" (2019)

Directed by Kim Tae-soo

With Ji Ah, Lee Soo,...

Joon-goo is an innocent man in his 30s. He quit his job and runs a small BBQ place with his young and sexy wife, Mi-ri. Then one day, Mi-ri's sister, Na-ri, comes to their house. Na-ri is in her mid-20s. Joon-goo feels attracted to Na-ri who is calm and considerate, unlike minx Mi-ri. The two end up crossing the line after a small happening...

"Young Widow" (2018)

Directed by Han Dong-ho

With Oh Ji-hyun, Min Woo, Saryu Usui, Tanaka, Iwata,...

Saryu runs a bar, and after her husband's death she ends up with his friend Tanaka, who was by her side to comfort her all along.

Then one day, a Korean man named Min-gyu comes to the bar, and Saryu feels like she can open up to him, because he looks just like her late husband, Haruto. Min-gyu goes to her house one day and understands why she likes him after seeing Haruto's picture, and feels dear for her.

Meanwhile, Tanaka, who is currently with Saryu, desires perverted things from Yui, who works at the bar... He tells her he killed his friend Haruto to have his wife. Yui takes revenge on Tanaka, as she thinks fondly of Saryu.