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Korean Movies Opening Today 2019/11/28 in Korea

2019/11/28 Source

Korean movies opening today 2019/11/28 in Korea: "I Am Home", "The Uncle", "Anchor", "The Dominator 2 - School Martial Art Master" and documentaries: "Gravity of the Tea", "Things That Do Us Part", "Things That Do Us Part", "President - Documentary" and "Super Disco"



"I Am Home" (2019)

Directed by Park Je-bum

With Lee Yoo-young, Kang Shin-il, Seo Young-hwa, Hwang Eun-hoo, Jo Hyun-sik, Gong Min-jung,...

"What's the number of the house you are living in right now?"

Newspaper editor Eun-seo lives in Seoul alone.
When the contract to her house is almost over, but she can't find another house she likes, she decides to live with her father in her hometown for a while.
Jin-cheol, her father, is a locksmith who is on 24-hour standby in Incheon and still lives in the house where his family used to live.

Eun-seo's family has left their home and found their own homes.

Eun-seo ends up alone with her dad and finds the traces of her family she's been forgetting while she's at home, and through her Jin-cheol opens up to the family that he's been shunning away.

"The Uncle" (2017)

Directed by Kim Hyoung-jin

With Jung Ye-jin, Kang Shin-hyo, Kang Shin-chul, Ko Kyu-pil, No Ji-yoo, Jung Hwi,...

The life of Ip-sae, a 19-year-old girl who cannot get out of her own bed due to psychological injury, is as motionless as a plant. Having no family and no clue of her family's mysterious history, she lives completely dependent on her neighbors and a female social worker named Ja-yeong, but starts to feel suffocated under the (hidden) abuse and the looks she gets as if she was something to be eaten up. One day, in the midst of her hellish everyday life, a stranger comes to her house. Known to be her uncle, Ip-sae is not sure whether he will be her new guardian or another predator. This stranger wrapped as a "family member", seems to be a threat not only to Ip-sae but also to the neighbors. Unfamiliar emotions develop and a peculiar atmosphere is created between Ip-sae and her uncle while danger from the outside begins creeping upon the two. Would Ip-sae, who is like a plant at the bottom of the food chain, be able to leave her bed and live? Actually, would she even be able to stand up from her bed?

"Anchor" (2018)

Directed by Choi Jeong-min

With Park Soo-yeon, Kim Dong-woo-I, Yoon Sung-wook, Park Chae-ik, Park Si-hoo-II, Lee Hae-in-III,...

Han-joo is a female track athlete in high school. She lives in the countryside with her medicinal herb-picking grandfather and disabled younger brother. They live a humble life in a small house, but they're happy. One day, Han-joo's grandfather has an accident and is taken to the emergency room. They urgently need money for his surgery, So Han-joo asks for help from the pastor who had been helping her family out.

"The Dominator 2 - School Martial Art Master" (2019)

Directed by Lee Soo-sung

With Seo Se-myung, Nam Seung-min,...

The school finds peace with Han-cheol's dropping out. Min-soo, whose fighting abilities have intensified, bluffs his friends. Sang-gil discovers that the number of students in the school's secretly run fight club is increasing and asks Yoon-hyeok who the prime leader of the club is. Yoon-hyeok tells him it is Min-soo and Jin-man. Jin-man and Min-soo are wrongly accused and sought for the fight club, when Yeon-ji, who abandoned them, returns. They reject her, but end up being in a good relationship with her again. Then they run into Ga-yeong and sneak into a fight club meeting...

"Gravity of the Tea" (2018)

Directed by Jung Sung-il

With Im Kwon-taek,...

One hot summer day, Jeong Seong-il visits producer Im Kwon-taek and says he wants to make a documentary about filmmaking.

He gets the green light, but the director cancels the movie for many reasons.

Im Kwon-taek just patiently waits for the next movie. He filmed his first movie in 1962 and then continued on to make 101 movies. This is not an easy task, even for the master of film in Korea. Im Kwon-taek maintains the gravity of the world like a lone tree.

The wind continuously shakes the tress.
The years go by and the seasons change. However, he waits patiently, as if he's drinking a cup of tea.

Then he begins his 102nd movie one cold January. We accompany him on his time and feel what he feels when he drinks his cup of tea.

"Things That Do Us Part" (2019)

Directed by Lim Heung-soon

Narrated by Kang Na-ra, Park Se-hyun, Kim Sun-hyun,...

"Things That Do Us Part" is a documentary that reframes the stories of three women fighters who dove into a tragic war in modern Korean history, using witness statements and reenactments. The three historical women presented in the film are: Jeong Jeong-hwa, an independence activist who fought for Korea's independence against Japan from China, Kim Dong-il, a woman to fought in the Jeju April 3 uprising, and Ko Gye-yeon, a ppalchisan (transliteration of partisan, referring to the Partisan Troops of the North Korean Army) in Jirisan Mountain. In a rather surreal manner, Director Lim Heung-soon brings back these three women who desperately fought for the country's independence and unification in the mountains and valleys of 21st-century Korea. Based on the three women′s autobiographies, three modern actresses play the role of the three historical women. Their performances bring together two timelines that are 60 years apart, and the experiences of the real historical figures and the actors overlap as well. Time is the thread that connects colonialism, wars, and the division of the Korean Peninsula to the present. Going to and from art galleries and movie theaters, Lim naturally weaves moments that arouse surreal, poetic sentiments into the documentary and creates ruptures in the world of "HIStory", full of heroic men. "Things That Do Us Part" is a new version of modern Korean history that has been created through the experiences of women fighters. (KANG Sowon)

"President - Documentary" (2019)

Directed by Shin Sang-min

Narrated by Lee Geum-hee,...

Five near-deaths, 55 house arrests, six years in prison and 777 days in exile; he has endured the injustice of the times and has seen democracy end on this land. Kim Dae-jung's active conscience had him spend the rest of his life for peace on the Korean peninsula.

After serving as the 15th President of the Republic of Korea from the island boy of Hahui-do and even won the Nobel Peace Prize, everyone thinks they know him. However, many don't know of Kim Dae-jung, whose brilliant beginning and end meet.

"Super Disco" (2018)

Directed by Lee Ju-ho

'Sultan of the Disco' was so called 'the first lip sync dance group in Hongdae'. Now, they became one of the well-known bands in Hongdae music scene. The director decided to make a documentary about the band when they were officially invited to the Glastonbury festival in U.K. in 2014. What the director anticipated was that he could record some episodes following the whole process of the band's making their second studio album. However, you never know what the future brings. "Supported by JIMFF 2017 Music Film Project Promotion"

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