Korean Movies Opening Today 2019/12/19 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2019/12/19 in Korea: "Ashfall", "Clean Up", "Eun-ji", "The Haunted House: Sky Goblin, The Great Jormungandr", "Ephemerals to Remember", "Patriot Game 2 - To Call a Deer a Horse", "The Techniques of Fighting" and "The First Time 3"


"Ashfall" (2019)

Directed by Kim Byeong-seo, Lee Hae-joon

With Lee Byung-hun, Ha Jung-woo, Ma Dong-seok, Jeon Hye-jin-II, Bae Suzy, Kim Yeon-kyo,...

Started filming: 2019/02
One of the biggest explosions in Korean history happens on the Mountain of Baekdu. The Korean peninsula turns into chaos at the sudden disaster, and additional explosions are expected to engulf both the South and the North.

To stop the worst disaster in history, Jeon Yoo-kyeong (Jeon Hye-jin-II) plans an operation based on the theories of geologist Professor Kang Bong-rae (Ma Dong-seok), who has been studying the Baekdu Mountain explosion, and Special Forces agent Jo In-chang (Ha Jung-woo), who is about to be discharged from duty, and gets put in a secret mission where the fate of the North and South Korea is at stake. In-chang succeeds in making contact with Ri Joon-pyeong (Lee Byung-hun), North Korea's first-class resource in the armed forces holding the key to the operation. However, Joon-pyeong makes things difficult for In-chang with questionable behavior. Meanwhile in Seoul, Choi Ji-yeong (Bae Suzy) struggles to survive the disaster, not knowing that In-chang was on a mission in the North. In the meantime, the final Baekdu Mountain explosion gets closer and closer...!

"Clean Up" (2018)

Directed by Kwon Man-ki

With Yoon Ji-hye, Kim Dae-geon, Kim Soo-hyun-IX, Kim Ga-young, Kwak Ja-hyeong, Yoo Jung-ho,...

A rendezvous with the boy who remembers 12-year-old truth

Jeong-joo has lost her son to heart disease and can't break free from the pain of that loss. She spends most of her waking hours working, drinking, and going to church, but it doesn't help her at all. One day, Min-goo, a young man newly out of prison joins her company. Looking shabby and his face covered with scars, Min-goo brings Jeong-joo's old memories that she forgot 12 years ago.

"Eun-ji" (2019)

Directed by Goo Mo

With Kim Yoo-yeon, Kim Jin-geun, Park Sun-woo, Baek Seung-chul, Sung Hong-il, Oh Je-geun,...

Terrible things are happening in a place no one knows! Who's the culprit?

Yeonmo Island is a small and serene island. Eun-ji enters the island for some peace, with a guitar and some scuba gear. The men in the fishing village start stirring, as a beautiful woman appears. Especially Yong-tae, the president of the island, and his subordinates, Yoon-gil and Byeong-sam, look creepily at her. One day, Eun-ji finds out that the men in the village have blocked the boat that is supposed to get her off the island...

The residents, the police and everyone else gathers around her...

"The Haunted House: Sky Goblin, The Great Jormungandr" (2019)

Directed by Byun Young-kyu

Voiced by Jo Hyeon-jeong, Yang Jeong-hwa, Kim Young-eun, Kim Chae-ha, Shin Yong-woo, Kim Hyeon-ji,...

Ha-ri and Doo-ri go on vacation with their family for the winter. They find Joo-bi, the sky goblin, on the wings of the plane and summon Sinbi and Geum-bi. As soon as they save Joo-bi, unknown Skewts attack and the Jörmungandr, a legendary monster from the deep seas, tries to swallow the plane.

Meanwhile, Kang-rim, an exorcist, makes an effort to save his friends, but the Jörmungandr even attacks the sky goblin empire. Ha-ri and friends begin an unavoidable adventure to the skies...

"Ephemerals to Remember" (2018)

Directed by Park Youngim

With Lee Hun-joo, Mong Dol, Choi Won-jeong,...

Kim, a poet, feels rejected and neglected in her life. One day her husband disappears and she founds a dog abandoned in the reservoir. Taking care of the dog, she strives for a living, but life distresses her even more.

"Patriot Game 2 - To Call a Deer a Horse" (2019)

Directed by Kyung Soon

Narrated by Hong Se-hwa,...

n 2014, the United Progressive Party (UPP), the second largest opposition party at the time in South Korea, went through dissolution by the Constitutional Court's ruling on the grounds of the case in 2013 where Lee Seokki, a UPP lawmaker, was charged and tried for treason conspiracy. One month later, the Supreme Court decided that Lee was not guilty. This documentary is composed of interviews with the people directly affected by the dissolution of the party, people around them, and those who had followed the case. As we watch, the interviews reveal differences in people's opinions and stances. By tracking on such different positions, public opinion, false information, and perceptions on the Constitution, democracy and North Korea, we come face to face with a belated question. What have we missed?

"The Techniques of Fighting" (2019)

Directed by Kim Hee-seong

With Yoon Kyung-ho-I, Sawoo, Yool Chan, Oh Kyung-won, Ryu Kwon-ha, Nam Chan-gyoo,...

"Who am I? I'm the new kid!"
Geon-woo used to be a promising taekwondo athlete, but quit after kicking an unfair judge in the face. On his first day at Deoksang High, he gets involved in a fight with the school bullies, but defeats them and becomes the subject of school gossip. While Geon-woo was previously tired with everything in his life, he slowly finds interest after his fight with the bullies. In the end, he takes over the school by defeating Deok-soo, the school's best fighter. However, Sang-goo, the best fighter of Dae Jin High, asks him for a bribe, but Geon-woo declines him. Sang-goo is not happy and wants to break Geon-woo...

"The First Time 3" (2019)

Directed by Kim Tae-soo

With Han Seo-ah, Sae Bom-I,...

Aspiring scenario writer Yeon-hee uses the nickname Pink Band to write R-rated scenarios. She's famous for her far-out work. Her ideas come from her best friend Joo-yeong's sex experience. However, Yeon-hee herself is a virgin, so she dreams of a romantic and ecstatic first sex that is unlike her scenarios.