Korean Movies Opening Today 2020/04/16 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2020/04/16 in Korea: "Seolhwa" and "Zombie Fighter"


"Seolhwa" (2019)

Directed by Choi Hyeong-ryeol

With Min Chae-eun, Byun Joon-suk, Kim Dong-bum, Seo Do-hyun, Yeo Woo-rin,...

Dangerously beautiful woman
And... her hidden truth!

20 year-old, Seol-hwa, is the most beautiful and pure.
She works at a wine bar where men swarm just to see her.
However, she is called the ice princess due to her emotionless expression which seems to hide a story. One day, to catch a glimpse of Seol-hwa, Jong-ho came to the bar, along with Do-jin who also fell for her.
Seol-hwa is indifferent to Do-jin. Still, Do-jin invites Seol-hwa to his villa and somehow she immediately accepted. However, Seol-hwa appears in front of Do-jin with another man. Three people, and the purpose of their trips are different...

"Zombie Fighter" (2019)

Directed by Lim Jihwan

With Ha Joon-ho, Kim Dan-mi, Jeon Hyun-kyung, Kim Yoo-jin-V, Min Sung-gook, Moon Hyun-jin,...

11 years ago, a zombie virus killed many people, while others had their family members turned into zombies. Society isstill angry, and so outside the city, a zombie fight club is formed.