Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/03/24 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/03/24 in Korea: "The Box", "Twenty Hacker", "The Hypnosis", "Pray" (Re-release) and "Guckkasten Live Concert: HAPPENING"


"The Box" (2021)

Directed by Yang Jung-woong

With Chanyeol, Jo Dal-hwan,...

Started filming: 2020/08/End
A drama about a young man aspiring to become a singer and a washed-up former hit producer. The two men head off on a road trip filled with music and jamming sessions.

"Twenty Hacker" (2021)

Directed by Han Hyun-seok

With Kwon Hyun-bin, Lim Na-young, Cho Hyunyoung, Kim Gun-soo, Maeng Bong-hak, Joo Suk-tae,...

Formerly known as "Romantic Hacker" (낭만 해커, nang-man hae-keo)
A movie about a white hacker club 'Better World' and a genius hacker 'HEX' having an inevitable showdown with the black hackers as the Songdo International Exchange was hacked in the fourth industrial revolution.

"The Hypnosis" (2021)

Directed by Choi Jae-hoon

With Lee David, Johyun, Kim Do-hoon-I, Nam Min-woo, Kim Nam-woo, Son Byung-ho,...

A horror thriller movie about hypnosis set in a backdrop of a university

"Pray" (2018)

Directed by Kang Dong-hun

With Park Hyuk-kwon, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Nam Gi-ae, Baek Jong-seung, Oh Dong-min, Kwon So-hyun-I,...

Original release date: 2020/02/20
Tae-wook (Park Hyuk-kwon), a pastor with serious economic difficulties, works as a chauffeur every night, but it's still hard to make rent. Then his wife Jeong-in (Ryu Hyun-kyung) tells him his mother-in-law needs a liver transplant. He goes around borrowing money, but it's far from enough. Stuck in the face of the reality of poverty, Tae-wook dreams of doing something bad. Jeong-in is also shaken by a proposal to have sex for money. The couple, driven by economic hardship, is at a crossroads in different forms. This is the story of a priest tested by God. The pastor suffers from a delusion that goes against his beliefs. All kinds of crimes, such as robbery, murder and intimidation, are causing trouble for the pastor. He eventually succumbs to temptation, but wins his faith because of his crime's failure. He gives the money he has saved to the believers who need it more than he does. The film contrasts the weak and the rich with the strong willed. Will God hear the pastor's prayer? (Nam Dong-chul)

"Guckkasten Live Concert: HAPPENING" (2021)

Directed by Interpark

Enjoy the explosive energy of Guckkasten in theaters!
The best performance ever, HAPPENING is showing!
The 2016 concert HAPPENING by the band Guckkasten was greatly loved for its passionate performance.

Guckkasten unleashes explosive energy that overwhelms the audience through their excellent singing ability and perfect live performance. Experience the large-scale concert with colorful videos, special effects and sounds on the mega-sized stage through the screens at the movie theater.