Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/05/12 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/05/12 in Korea: "In The Name of The Son", "You're so Precious to Me" and "Shall Cuckoo Sing at Night" (Re-release)


"In The Name of The Son" (2020)

Directed by Lee Jeong-gook

With Ahn Sung-ki, Yoon Yoo-sun, Park Geun-hyung, Kim Hee-chan, Lee Se-eun, Lim Hyang-hwa ,...

A movie about a man who was a riot police officer during the May 18 pro-democracy movement, repenting after suffering from a sense of guilt, and avenging for those who were responsible during that time.

"You're so Precious to Me" (2021)

Directed by Kwon Sung-mo, Lee Chang-won

With Jin Goo, Jung Seo-yeon, Jang Yoon-jung,...

A life changing story of a man who has lived as a loner his entire life, living together with a kid with hearing disabilities.

"Shall Cuckoo Sing at Night" (1980)

Directed by Jung Jin-woo

With Jeong Yun-hui, Lee Dae-geun, Yoon Yang-ha, Choi Bong, Kim Sin-jae, Choi Joon,...

Original release date : 1981/03/01
Soon-i is the daughter of a strolling male entertainer. After her mother left her, Soon-i was raised by Dol-i's mother and is engaged to Dol-i. But Dol-i's friend Chil-sung also has crush on her. One day, Dol-i wins the wrestling game at the marketplace and earns money as reward. With that money, he buys Soon-i a jade ring. However, an air of misfortune begins as Mr. Kim, who is a forest keeper, locks up Dol-i who makes a living by making and selling charcoal in violation of forest regulation and tries to rape Soon-i. Fortunately, Chil-sung, who came to look after Soon-i, witnesses the scene and Soon-i runs away with Chil-sung. But on her way, she is reminded of Dol-i and returns to the shed and waits for him. Mr. Kim returns and tries to rape her again. Soon-i holds on to Mr. Kim who took away her happiness when the fire breaks out in the shed and the two burn to death together. Dol-i finally returns from the jail and finds Soon-i's jade ring in the ashes.